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Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

Suzanne Robinson founded her blog in 2008 after her identical twins were born, and it was originally called, "Mummy to Twins",

In 2016 the birth of Suzanne's third child (a boy) meant that the website needed a name change and now it is known as "Mummy to Twins Plus One".

Mummy to Twins was created as a community for other parents, you don't have to have twins to be part of this great website and resource.

Suzanne is a mum to three children, nine-year-old twin girls and a two-year-old boy. Yes, she had another child after twins!

The blog focuses on some of Suzanne's passions, healthy activities for kids and parents, fun things for kids to do, family holiday ideas and great places to stay, tips and tricks that can help other parents, funny stories that have happened as a mum (you can learn from my failures and successes), and ideas for mums to recharge and get some time out. There is everything from parenthood, ideas for dinners, giveaways, competitions, and some great craft and DIY ideas.

Suzanne is currently working on a book and a course about embracing calm. Calm for you and calm for the house. This book is a real perspective from a real mum and focuses on some great strategies that are sure to help other families. It will be out in 2018 so stay tuned.

2018 is also a big celebration for Mummy to Twins Plus One.

The blog is celebrating 10 years! Make sure to stop by and say hello and help Suzanne and the Mummy to Twins Plus One team celebrate.



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Suffering from the Mental Load

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Two Years with Three Kids

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Mummy to Twins Plus One: NEW Partnership for Kiddipedia

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