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Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

Suzanne Robinson founded her blog in 2008 after her identical twins were born, and it was originally called, "Mummy to Twins", In 2016 the birth of Suzanne's third child (a boy) meant that the website needed a name change and now it is known as "Mummy to Twins Plus One".

Suzanne is a mum to three children, ten-year-old twin girls and a three-year-old boy. Yes, she had another child after twins!

The blog focuses on some of Suzanne's passions, healthy activities for kids and parents, fun things for kids to do, family holiday ideas and great places to stay, tips and tricks that can help other parents, funny stories that have happened as a mum (you can learn from my failures and successes), and ideas for mums to recharge and get some time out. There is everything from parenthood, ideas for dinners, giveaways, competitions, and some great craft and DIY ideas.

Suzanne is currently working on a book and a course about embracing calm. Calm for you and calm for the house. This book is a real perspective from a real mum and focuses on some great strategies that are sure to help other families. It will be out soon so stay tuned.



Choc-Free Easter Fun for Kids

Who says Easter has to be all about chocolate? Not my little explorer! While others dive into chocolate bunnies, we’re busy concocting a world of non-chocolate wonders that light up his Easter with giggles and surprises. Join the adventure of… Continue Reading >

Crisis Fatigue

I have Crisis Fatigue  So, what is this condition?  Well, it is not a real documented medical condition but has been discovered that it can cause stress, low motivation, depression, hopelessness, exhaustion, and mental overload. See my go at a dictionary definition below.  Noun  Being inundated with constant disasters… Continue Reading >

Valentine’s Gifts that Keep on Giving

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it a celebration that you look forward to each year? Well, I used to before kids. Now after three kids, it is a lot harder to be spontaneously romantic, or at the very least… Continue Reading >

Back to School Guide – Checklist for all Stages

Starting big school is exciting and a huge milestone in a kid’s life, and also for the parents. Some things that might be different are a bigger school, having to wear a school uniform, new teachers, new kids, and not… Continue Reading >

Easy Halloween Party Treats

  Are you wondering what to make for your Halloween treats? Would you like some easy and quick ideas that also look amazing? Below I have five super simple treats to make that will impress your spooky guests for Halloween…. Continue Reading >

Twinkl: Learning resources to support your child

Have you been searching for great resources to support your child with their learning no matter what grade or level they are at? Do you need support resources for kids with ADHD? What about autism resources? Or speech and language… Continue Reading >

Creative Activities for Kids 

Have you been struggling for new ideas to keep kids occupied?   The following three activities allow your child/children to test their creativity, problem solving, show their artistic side and have some outdoor adventures. These activities are for young children and my little… Continue Reading >

Tips to Combat Loneliness as a Mum

Being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mum) mum is great but has its downside, and that is loneliness and the feeling of isolation. Before kids, I was always around people. I worked, socialised, got invited out and due to being… Continue Reading >

Take a holiday from dinner with EveryPlate

Now we are all back to work and the kids are back at school, how can you make your life easier? As a mum of three and days full of work outsourcing grocery shopping and planning all dinners is a… Continue Reading >

Snot Drops

Are you looking for a spooky cookie to make for Halloween or a birthday party? Well, I have the perfect recipe and it is one that will make people say, eww! And yes, the cookies are called, SNOT DROPS! I… Continue Reading >

Homemade Gifts for Christmas

Are you a bit strapped for cash? Or maybe wish to give a personal gift this year? No matter the reason there are plenty of things to make for Christmas that will not break the bank. Plus, some of these… Continue Reading >

When Outings Go Wrong

Planning fun things to do with kids is exciting. Wondering what their reactions will be, hearing the shock, delight, wonder, and amazement is a thing to look forward to. However, when you finally reveal the outing, experience the outing or… Continue Reading >

Holiday Activities for Kids

School holidays are nearly here again! Soon you will get questions from your little kids, or maybe not so little kids, about what to do and where you will take them.  You’ll wonder what will keep them all busy and… Continue Reading >

Women at Risk of Being Overlooked for Promotions

Workers especially women will be at risk of being overlooked for promotions and career opportunities if they keep working from home! A business lobbyist has warned that women will suffer if remote work continues and urges a return to the… Continue Reading >

Support Mums for 365 Days not just 1

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day and of course all the love and admiration is there for what I and many other mother’s do daily.  I received some lovely pressies and was taken out to a nice lunch by hubby and… Continue Reading >

Make Airfryer Scones

My recipe only uses 3 ingredients and that to a busy mum is fantastic! I have been experimenting with my airfyer and thought why not make scones.  How about a super easy recipe? Lemonade Scones I have always wanted to… Continue Reading >

Create an Online Vision Board

I was going to tell you my thoughts on starting the new year in March and how we really need a break.  However, due to the current COVID-19 health crisis many of us are now at home and working remotely…. Continue Reading >

The Devoted Year

Valentine’s Day is a day that many show their love for their loved one….Or if you are keen on someone you show them how you feel. As parents it is vital to show kids that you value each other and… Continue Reading >

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Christmas is such a magical time for kids and why not make it more magical with your own advent calendar. With a handmade advent calendar, you can add personal touches to what the kids get each day. Maybe they get… Continue Reading >

Twins Need their Own Identity

 Having your own identity is very important. Fancy being an identical twin and always being mistaken as your sister or compared to her? I have identical twins who are striving to be their own person, but still want to be… Continue Reading >

Do You Crave Silence?

Can you work with kids yelling and screaming? Are you able to get things done when kids are playing and making so much noise? I can’t and I actually hate it. Yep, I’m a mum to three kids that cannot… Continue Reading >

Minecraft is Educational

My girls were studying deserts and sustainability at school. One part of their assignment was to create a model and do a speech about how people can live in the desert. One kid created a model from clay with a… Continue Reading >

Rhubarb the Versatile Vegetable

I love rhubarb and when I was little had it all the time. Not only was it a firm favourite at the dinner table, it was also grown in the backyards of family friends and ours as well. The flavour… Continue Reading >

Craft: Rocking the Outdoors

Kids love exploring, running and racing around, and parks are perfect for this. Actually, any place that you can run around is fun.  However, if you had another reason to explore the park wouldn’t that be fantastic too. How about… Continue Reading >

A Busy Mums Guide to New Year Goals

It is so hard to believe it is now 2019, I’m still thinking the date is 2018, writing the date is a lost cause due to still being mentally in last year. New year means new goals and a fresh… Continue Reading >

Experiences Over Stuff

My kids have too many things, things that they forget about or manage to break on the first day or two of owning. Teddies, other stuffed toys, little collectables that end up all over the floor, paper, cards, books, games… Continue Reading >

Boys Are Sensitive Bunnies

I never thought I would have a boy. During my pregnancy, I thought I was having a girl. Silly really as parts of my pregnancy were so different, and yet I still thought it could be a girl. We are… Continue Reading >

The Unicorn Job

Yesterday I had a job interview. It was for a local job. Local jobs are super hard to find and basically non-existent. Let’s call them the unicorns of the job world due to the fact that none actually materialises ever…. Continue Reading >

Mums Feed Your Soul

I’ve nearly been a mum for ten years. During these years I feel like who I am has changed, or more like it the perception of who I am has. Before kids I was eager to climb the corporate ladder,… Continue Reading >

A Birthday Do-Over

In the lead up to my birthday, I was not excited. Sad but true. Normally I’m super excited and happy. I daydream about what the kids have bought me, and what hubby might have organised. This year I think the… Continue Reading >

Suffering from the Mental Load

I sit here during the school holidays feeling exhausted. The twins are playing down the road with mates, my toddler is asleep, and my brain is not resting. There is so much to do. Housework, washing of clothes, work for… Continue Reading >

DIY Wind Chimes for Kids

Kids are always keen to make things and to do craft. Wind Chimes are so easy to make and so much fun for the kids to create. You can make one or two or more. Each wind chime can be… Continue Reading >

Time Management Goes Out the Window With Kids

Did you have a fantasy of what having kids would be like? I did, and according to my thoughts I would have a wonderfully tidy and organised house, kids that did everything they were asked, plus there would be plenty… Continue Reading >

Two Years with Three Kids

I never thought I would have three kids. I also never thought I would have twins as my first kids. Yes, I wanted kids, but I thought I would do one at a time like other people have done, not… Continue Reading >

Mummy to Twins Plus One: NEW Partnership for Kiddipedia

We have some awesome news! Kiddipedia is very thrilled to announce our partnership with Mummy to Twins Plus One. Founded by Suzanne, Mummy to Twins Plus One blog was created as a project for her to work on and a way… Continue Reading >


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