Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

It is so hard to believe it is now 2019, I’m still thinking the date is 2018, writing the date is a lost cause due to still being mentally in last year.

New year means new goals and a fresh start.

Maybe you start to think about all the things that you never got to last year or other years? Even before the year ends it makes you super depressed about your wish list. If you are like me and have little time for yourself, making a list of your goals might be all rather pointless.

I’m wondering if I should make things easier to achieve…my way to goal set for the new year, could be called the lazy or the no time guide to achieving your goals. Hey, I’m a busy mum to 3 kids and I barely have any me time, so no wonder nothing gets done or started.

I do have good intentions and before the calendar decided to be 2019, I pondered my inaction of goals from the soon to be the gone year of 2018.

  • I wanted to blog more. I did blog and have some wins and work with great brands but wanted to do more!
  • I started writing a book and did a few pages and planned it out in chapters. I’ve worked on it sporadically and due to being a busy tired mum it has taken a back seat.
  • I did manage to spend some wonderful time with the kids and watch them grow into amazing people.
  • Plus, I kept 3 kids alive, fed, clothed, and took everyone to all activities for 2018.
  • My desire for sleep and not staying up 24 hours to get everything done has meant that my goals never got completed. Yes, I value sleep and think I could sleep for months or days if given the chance.


My new year goals can be summarised by two words,

 Simplify and do a little bit of something each day.



My 2019 Goals

  • Simplify things with the house, de-clutter and reduce items to make life easier. (I will aim to get things done little by little, room by room – I’m fed up actually of everything falling on my shoulders to sort out.
  • The bigger kids will be doing more around the house – this will be met with resistance but after everyone is doing things to help life will be so much easier. (Insert yelling, tantrums and yelling until they realise, they have no choice!)
  • No kids will watch tv if homework needs to be done. Kids that are doing homework will do extra reading and practice to ensure they are getting better at schoolwork.
  • Spend more time and be PRESENT WITH THE KIDS.
  • Be involved and invest in experiences rather than things
  • Save for a holiday
  • Hopefully, build our new house
  • Work on my book and websites
  • Plod along to be more successful each day – small steps towards my goals will get me there eventually.
  • Take time out to work on things I want to do – Leave the house to ensure I will not be bothered.


Even though I have done my new year goals or wish list, part of me thinks if I get a few done I will be happy.

Do you wonder why you set new year goals when some or nearly all of the ones from the previous years never get done or finished, some forgotten about entirely.

My new year goal is to simplify, relax and slowly work towards my goals.   A busy person cannot do everything but if you do a little of something each day with the small time you have available it will add up.  Plus, you will slowly be working towards your goals and not getting stressed out about having to do too much.



You cannot know what is in store for you in the new year, I like everyone start with the best of intentions and get lost with all the work that is involved. It is not just the hard work that stops people, mainly time and the fact that some people namely women (mums) get no support when they wear multiple hats and are the primary caregiver to children.

Working on goals that are not a money earner initially seems to be a drawback to gaining support from your partner. Do you find this when you finally sit down to do something for you? I think the kids have an inbuilt sensor when I sit down at my desk or finally relax with a drink.


My New Year tip is to leave the house or at the very
least have hubby take the kids so that I can work on my projects.


What are your New Year Goals? Do you find that it is pointless to list goals due to not getting the time to do them?

Just adapt my lazy and time poor method to New Year goal setting. Pick a few things you wish to achieve, do parts of the things that you wish to do and work on it a little bit each day or when you have some free time.

If it is really tough, just pick 1 thing and focus on that. Or just forget the goals altogether and do something you enjoy. A course, a fitness class, or make sure that you have some alone time to allow yourself to think.

Happy 2019 and remember that you have a whole year to do things, so if something doesn’t work just give it another go.


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