Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

I was going to tell you my thoughts on starting the new year in March and how we really need a break.  However, due to the current COVID-19 health crisis many of us are now at home and working remotely.

However, I decided that focusing on my goals and wishes might be a better idea this year. I’m at home and cannot go anywhere so it is the perfect time to do a little work on what I want to achieve and how to make it a reality.

So, what are the benefits of making a Vision Board?

  • Helps you have a clear vision of what you want.
  • Once you make your intentions clearer in your mind it feels more possible, and that it can happen.
  • Visualisation is the trick to achieve success – many top execs and super stars use vision boards.
  • Some prefer the name Action Board to Vision Board – Action Board promotes action with what you are currently doing, and action will lead to achieving your goals.

“In fourth grade, Katy Perry made a vision board of her “hopes and aspirations” in music.” (

I think we can say that it worked out well for Katy Perry, so it might help you too.

How to make your own online Vision Board

Think about what you what you want from the universe.

I know it is a bit out there to say what you want from the universe, but you have to put out  positive vibes, and think about what you wish to have, to get it…. Right?

 Step 1: Collect all your images that will showcase your intentions/wishes

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Pick the US Letter Document for your template

Step 4: Go to Elements and choose Grids. You can pick any type of grid you like. It just needs to fit the photos you have.

Step 5: Go to uploads and add all your vision board images to Canva.

Step 6: Drag the images to the right part of the grid. You can move them around until you are happy with the layout.

Step 7: Add text if you wish.

Step 8: Add other stickers/fun graphics.

Just after I created my vision board, I got a writing job…maybe it was a coincidence, but it could be due to my vision board.

 Some say vision boards don’t work and that is fine. Some negatives are:

  • Once you add the pictures of what you aspire to have your brain things you have it already. Yep strange but true, then you will not get it due to having the image instead of the real item.
  • Another issue of a vision board is that people create one and think that is where the work ends. You need to still work towards your goals and a simple collage is not going to work if you don’t either.

My finished Vision Board

My vision board explained:

  • With the current climate I would like to keep earning although at home.
  • We are hoping to build our bigger house soon so had to put a fab picture of a stunning house for inspiration and making it a reality.
  • Travel – before the health crisis we were planning on travelling this year either to Japan to see Harry Potter World or to a tropical paradise like Fiji.
  • I added family as they are super important, and I want to make sure we all have great opportunities and stay safe.
  • Media and blog opportunities for my business and me.

The aim of my board is to focus on our family, earning to help keep our house and family safe and to save for eventual travel that we have been keen to do.

I hope this has helped you to create your own online vision board.  Make sure to print it out and stick it somewhere prominent or add it to your desktop background on your computer. This way whenever you are at the computer you will see it and help grow your actions and vision to make your wishes a reality.

What is on your vision board?

Have you created one? Do you think it has helped you?

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