Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

My kids have too many things, things that they forget about or manage to break on the first day or two of owning.

Teddies, other stuffed toys, little collectables that end up all over the floor, paper, cards, books, games which parts get lost and then games cannot be played and much, much more than I cannot think of everything.

We all have too many things that we really don’t need or have space for, and some items never get used.

So, what is one to do?

Basically, buy less stuff.  Give experiences rather than heaps and heaps of presents that will eventually be sent to the garbage tip.  Rather simple really.



I’m not stingy and still buy a few things for the kids to open on Christmas Day, however, I have decided that the major present will be an experience rather than things.

What experiences am I focused on?

  • Theatre shows
  • Museums
  • Days at the beach and time spent exploring
  • Weekend getaways or holidays
  • Camps to learn things that they are interested in like coding, art and drama.
  • Investing in activities that broaden their education that is also fun.
  • Saving for a family holiday to Fiji or Singapore to relax and to also learn about a different country.
  • Travel doesn’t need to be overseas, it can be in your own backyard or interstate. Experiencing Australia is a great adventure, kids can learn about different places & their history as well.



Do you think it will still be exciting if the tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (The New Musical at the Capitol Theatre) are in March and it’s a Christmas Present?

Merry Christmas but we cannot see the show till March… Let’s hope the excitement lasts.

March allowed me to get closer seats to the stage…. I hope they are excited as I am.

SSSHHH! don’t tell them that this is their secret surprise…. they have no idea, please keep it super-secret. I’m trusting you all now.



What type of things am I buying?

  • Useful things that the kids can use, books, cups, bags, new sandals for summer.
  • I still buy toys and fun things but items that are not going to go over the floor and end up in the bin (I hate all the little plastic character toys that are super tiny, mostly I step on them and get angry about them being all over the floor. I suppose this replaces or adds to stepping on LEGO)
  • Talking about LEGO, I do buy LEGO as it is fun and educational. (Yes, I know LEGO still goes on the floor, but the twins know to pick them up – They are managing to pick up more than they used to.)
  • For the little kid, my two-year-old boy I have not bought a lot as he has what feels and looks like a million cars. With Christmas, and his birthday a week after I’m sure he will get a few things.
  • For Alexander I’ve purchased some useful clothes, bag, socks and LEGO that will help him grow and learn.
  • Due to Alex’s new obsession with Paw Patrol I have bought some cheap character cars and will probably get him some books too.



Before Christmas and Birthdays, I go through the kid’s rooms and get rid of toys that are broken, not used and are not played with. I throw out the broken ones and give away ones that are in good condition.

The op shop that I give the toys to give the kids items away free, so I feel good that others can make use of them without cost.  Some toys are very expensive and don’t get played with for long.



You can also work with other family members to chip in for an experience for your kids/family. Tell each family member what you are saving towards and rather than a gift, ask them to help contribute to help make it a possibility.

Maybe you’re saving to go away, the kids wish to have lessons on a musical instrument, maybe take up ballet lessons or rock climbing. Whatever the wish, this is a good way of helping kids and families have amazing experiences.

It’s not just kids that collect too much stuff, parents do as well. I like the kids need to throw things out and do a major de-clutter.



 My work load would be much easier with less stuff and things that I must tidy, sort and manage.

Are you cutting back on what you are buying the kids and family this year?  Have you decided to value experiences over things too?

If so, what is the one thing that you are buying or helping to purchase that will be a fantastic experience for the family or kids?


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