Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

Yesterday I had a job interview.

It was for a local job. Local jobs are super hard to find and basically non-existent.

Let’s call them the unicorns of the job world due to the fact that none actually materialises ever.

Well, until now!


What has made this one job more of a unicorn is that it is a role that is in my industry,  I have the skills and I am even planning things to initiate and I haven’t even got the job yet! (Brain working overtime already)

When I applied for the role I really didn’t think I would hear back. Jobs now get so many applicants that you never hear unless you have impressed someone or at the very least have many or all of the skills listed on the job description.

I was shocked and happy to get a call for a pre-interview with the employment agency.  I answered all questions and then was put forward for an interview at the office that I would be working at if I got the job.

Wow a job interview!

Geez, now I’m nervous, and worried about everything. Do you get like this? Freak yourself out?

Due to the possibility of being employed, I had to think of what would happen with the kids.

How would this work since I am the primary caregiver?

Hubby then declared with great gusto that I haven’t got the job yet so this could wait.

Oh why oh why do other people say this to you, and especially the husband.  I needed to have a plan to get kids cared for, and for after school activities if I was working.

If I cannot think of how the kids get looked after then working cannot happen, Simple really.

Why do women still have to figure all this out?


The juggling act or logistics that needs to be sorted is HUGE:

  • Do the kids go to before and after school care? Can they be dropped off at school?
  • Will I be able to get to activities in time so the kids don’t miss out, If not maybe we shouldn’t do the ones that might conflict and also save some money.
  • How will I get the kids to do homework? Longer days means kids are tired and not interested.
  • Can I get an extra day of care for Alexander and move his days around if needed?
  • What happens if someone is sick? We don’t have family so if someone is sick its me that has to deal, lets just hope this doesn’t happen.
  • Housework still needs to get done, and if in a job means less time to do it. Maybe I will have better systems due to less time? Maybe I can hire a cleaner?


Why was I seeking a job when I blog?

Well, paid jobs through the blog have not been consistent and it would be nice to speed up the building of our new house, possibly save for a holiday or at the very least stash the cash in an account and have choices.

Another reason for working is that it will contribute to my superannuation and also give me more of an outlet.



I will still be running my blog and have grand plans to take it to the next level, well at the very least make it bigger and better than it is now.   I will be blogging at night, weekends and holidays, so not much will change.

If I am successful with this unicorn job I’ve organised that all three kids will be looked after.



However there are other things to worry about:

  • Making sure I get up on time
  • Get kids ready for school early
  • Pack lunches and have all clothes and everything for school sorted the night before
  • Ensure that Alexander has his bag ready too, with change of clothes and drinks.
  • Get to the childcare centre at the right time to allow enough time to drop kids off at care/school.
  • If anything on this list changes or there is a meltdown I might not leave the house on time and it will throw out all my times and plans for the day.
  • Leaving the school in the morning at a certain time ensures that I will get to work on time and therefore means that my hours are done and can leave on time to pick up kids.
  • Then onto other events and things for the kids and then home for dinners and bedtime for all.


When hubby leaves for work he just organises himself and gets out the door easily.  My crazy mornings will be trying to get three other people ready so I can get to the job on time (this is only if I get it).

It is all doable, however when I am faced with events/places that I need to be at, I think the kids create drama and chaos to ensure that I don’t go or am late and look like a frazzled mum. Definitely not a stylish put together person.

Do you sometimes feel like there is a conspiracy to stop you from doing things too? Your kids get sick the night before your big day, event or conference? Mine do.

It would be amazing to get the job and to help the family, plus it would be a boost for me as well.

I’ve only done the interview and currently waiting to hear back if I am successful.

I know the business is interviewing two people for the same role. The other candidates might want to do more hours or have something else that I don’t have. You never know.   Even if I don’t get the job it was nice to be in the running.

If you have gone back to work after a huge break with kids what did you have to organise?

How did you feel? Did you worry if it would all work out?


PS. I didn’t get the job but was pleased that I was a contender. You have to apply when you see a local role,  especially if it is something that matches nearly all your skills and aligns with your industry. I hope that you all get the next Unicorn Job and wish you all the best of luck if you have applied for something.


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