Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

In the lead up to my birthday, I was not excited. Sad but true.

Normally I’m super excited and happy. I daydream about what the kids have bought me, and what hubby might have organised.

This year I think the constant busyness of kids, life, and work have made me feel that it was like any other day.

My birthday did not start off well at all, I had the headache from hell! I could hardly keep my eyes open and my whole body was exhausted.

I just wanted to stay in bed.

The kids wanted to show me what they had organised for my special day.

I got out of bed and realised that the twins had decorated the house and the hallway with streamers.

There was a Happy Birthday poster in the living room over a chair, and the girls had made some honey toast plus organised a cold water drink with lime juice.

I ate the toast and drank the drink. Still all the while with a terrible headache.

Why does my body decide to have a horrible annoying headache on my birthday?

After food and drink were consumed, I slowly walked into the kitchen to get some painkillers to try and help my headache go away.

I don’t think the pills really worked that well, and if they did it was short-lived due to kids not listening or doing as they were told.

The kids and hubby gave me some nice gifts. Plus the breakfast and decorations from the girls were lovely.



It’s just a pity that the loveliness didn’t last.

The kid’s room was a pigsty again, their desk had a million and one things on it so no desk was usable, and they had an assignment that was due the following Friday.

This assignment was a speech and therefore the kids needed to be confident to speak in front of the class.

No kid wanted to clean up so that they could work on their project. No kid saw the need to get organised and sorted for this assignment, and I was the only one that saw the urgency. (Normally I wouldn’t be worried about the kid’s assignment but since it was not started and they needed to practice during the week it needed to happen on the weekend)

Not only was it my birthday but no one was helping, no one was listening, no one was doing any housework or tidying up, and no kid was doing their work to get organised for school.

Plus my head hurt like hell and I just wanted to go back to bed.


All five of us managed to leave the house for lunch. Yes, I ventured out with a bad headache to celebrate.

The food was good but the service at the restaurant was not great. Alexander was screaming the place down and it was not that relaxing as I still had my headache.

After we arrived home, Alexander went to bed and I decided to have a rest to see if that will help my head feel better.


Why do I need a birthday do-over:

  • I felt horrible all day due to a terrible headache
  • No one did anything they were told
  • No one lifted a finger, did any housework or helped so, therefore, I did it all yet again.
  • Kids argued
  • The toddler screamed and yelled for most of the day.
  • It did not really feel like my birthday even though it was.

I’m planning on rescheduling my birthday to a day when all kids are in school and care. This will mean I can do my own thing to celebrate. Hopefully, headache free this time!

Have you had a birthday do-over?

If so why was the actual day not so great? Let us know.


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