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Nature’s Positive Impact on ADHD Symptoms

ADHD was originally described to me as a shortage of dopamine in the brain. Followed by the best thing kids with ADHD can do is ride their bikes to school. As an endurance enthusiast and late diagnosed ADHD adult, I… Continue Reading >

2024 Kiddipedia Mid-Year Toy Guide

To view Kiddipedia’s 2024 Mid Year Toy Guide click here.

How to recognise sleep deprivation in teens.

Let’s be honest living with a sleep deprived teen is like living with a sleep deprived toddler on steroids. It’s awful for them and awful for you.  Sleep deprivation is on the increase in teens. It has doubled in the… Continue Reading >

Teaching Children the Value of being Healthy

A program by the Royal Flying Doctor Service encouraging young people to live healthier lives by teaching them how to grow fruit and vegetables and promoting a better understanding of nature is having a real impact. The Guiding Rural Outback… Continue Reading >

Alyce Wood is defying the odds, showing pregnant women that it’s not only safe, but beneficial to exercise while pregnant.

Alyce Wood trained with the National team in the Kayak until she was 33 weeks pregnant – and she could have kept training if only she could fit in the boat! Alyce continued dry land training until the morning she… Continue Reading >

Keesja Gofers shares her inspiring perspective that helps her combat mum guilt as a professional athlete.

For Keesja Gofers, mum guilt is real! In many ways, being a professional athlete and a mum don’t work in sync. As an athlete, you prioritise your recovery, your sleep, and your nutrition; but when you bring a little person… Continue Reading >

How building a supportive village at home helped Genevive Gregson get her ticket to the Olympic Village in Paris

After rupturing her Achilles tendon at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Genevive Gregson found a window in her normally vigorous schedule to start a family.  Genevieve feared that she may never get back to elite form not only after her injury,… Continue Reading >

Our top tips for recovering from a Caesarean Section  

Recovering from having a Caesarean Section is a challenging experience for many mums. In any other circumstance, having a major abdominal surgery means adequate rest, sleep and time off work to recover. However, after a Caesarean it’s never that straight… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s Mid-Year Toy Guide 2024

An Engaging Winter Toy Guide featuring captivating toys to entertain and engage children during winter months. We understand the challenges parents face during the winter school holidays in keeping children entertained and engaged indoors. That’s why we’ve created our Mid-Year… Continue Reading >



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