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I know there’s no magic handbook on parenting that can solve all our problems or a wise guru sat somewhere on top of a mountain who can answer all our millions of questions.

I also understand that parenting, although an absolute honour, is most probably the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do.
Where Kiddipedia derived from was my curiosity: where do parents go for parenting support and answers?

As Australia’s leading parenting advice website and a world-leading parenting resource, Kiddipedia is committed to delivering evidenced-based information from leading industry experts, and thoughts leaders, to help you be the best parent you can be.
Together, let’s give children the life they deserve and a positive future.

Library of Episodes


For top tips, recipes, expert advice, health and wellbeing support and advice, look no further than our awesome parenting blogs curated by Kiddipedia!

How to Include Veggies in your Kids Favourite Recipes| Siobhan Boyle | Ep 168

  Getting children to eat their vegetables has been the bane of parent’s existence for eons. A dilemma that almost all parents face at one point. It’s common that, amongst your frustration, you worry if your child is getting enough… Continue Reading >

Stopping Domestic Violence Starts in Early Childhood | Kari Sutton | Ep 167

  Our earliest experiences in childhood form the foundation of who we become in adulthood. Did you know that 90% of a child’s brain develops by age 5? During this time, a child’s neural pathways are formed based on their… Continue Reading >

Expert Tips To Determine If a Child is Ready to Start Primary School | Andrew Oberthur | Ep 166

  We’ve arrived at the point of the year where parents need to make the decision if their preschooler is ready to commence primary school next year, or not. This is determined by the cut-off dates for your state or… Continue Reading >

How to Improve Work/Life Balance as a Dad | Amelia Walker and Chris Barnes from Gidget Foundation | Ep 165

  Fatherhood is one of the most challenging, yet profoundly fulfilling jobs there is. It’s common that on the outside Dads portray that they are fine, however on the inside many silently carry the weight of worries and acute stresses… Continue Reading >

Things to Consider When Booking a Babysitter | Tara McTeigue | Ep 164

  I think we’d all agree that life is all kinds of crazy busy and consistently unpredictable. There never ever seems to be enough hours in the day, or a sufficient amount of calm, peaceful moments that have us feel… Continue Reading >

Tips For Fussy Eaters Who Eat Well at Childcare But Won’t Eat at Home | Marie-France Laval | Ep 163

Navigating behaviours and triggers of fussy eaters have long been an enigma for many parents. Frustratingly many fussy eaters can eat well at childcare, however not at home. Why is this the case? What strategies and techniques can be learnt… Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Growing Up with Pets | Morgan Coleman | Ep 162

  They say to never work with animals and children, so naturally, today’s interview is about… both. For anyone who has had pets in their life will know how much love and joy they bring. There are very few things… Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Children Spending Time Outdoors | Sally Gillespie | Ep 161

  If the life experience of living through a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate what’s important in life. Slowing down to enjoy quality time outdoors in the elements was most definitely one of them. For many, it… Continue Reading >

Super Brain Foods for Busy Kids | Susie Burrell | Ep 160

  If you’re a parent looking for an easy way to support your child’s education and ability to do better in school, then you’re in the right place. Today, we take a closer look at our diet and what foods… Continue Reading >

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