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I know there’s no magic handbook on parenting that can solve all our problems or a wise guru sat somewhere on top of a mountain who can answer all our millions of questions.

I also understand that parenting, although an absolute honour, is most probably the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do.
Where Kiddipedia derived from was my curiosity: where do parents go for parenting support and answers?

As Australia’s leading parenting advice website and a world-leading parenting resource, Kiddipedia is committed to delivering evidenced-based information from leading industry experts, and thoughts leaders, to help you be the best parent you can be.
Together, let’s give children the life they deserve and a positive future.

Library of Episodes


For top tips, recipes, expert advice, health and wellbeing support and advice, look no further than our awesome parenting blogs curated by Kiddipedia!

Tips to Look After Your Mental Health as a New Mum or Parent | Dr Harvey Karp | Ep 180

  Undoubtedly, being a parent is the most honourable, righteous and wonderful role known to women or man. One that is filled with selfless sacrifices yet an undeniable, unconditional love that no words could ever describe. For that reason, it’s… Continue Reading >

Why GymbaROO-KindyROO Music is Perfect for Your Child’s Brain | Dr. Tessa Grigg | Ep 216

I think we would all agree, music is one of life’s greatest joys. Music weaves unforgettable memories into our lives by stirring our deepest emotions, making every moment more vibrant, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. As… Continue Reading >

How Mindfulness Activities Can Empower Children’s Well-Being and Creativity | Naomi Green | Ep 215

I think we would all agree that our post-pandemic world is as fast-paced and demanding as ever, and through this, it’s essential to equip our children with the necessary tools to navigate life’s challenges and foster their mental health. It’s… Continue Reading >

Primitive Reflexes – Why Parents Need to Know about Them | Dr. Jane Williams | Ep 214

  Raising a newborn is an incredible journey filled with a whirlwind of new experiences. From the moment they enter our lives, we’re catapulted into a world of learning and new information we never knew existed.. From trying to best… Continue Reading >

Supporting Big Emotions in Children at Mealtimes | Sinead S. | Ep 213

Every parent knows the pain of mealtimes with children and that they can sometimes feel a little bit like a rollercoaster ride. Trying to keep their emotions in check can sometimes feel literally like juggling spaghetti while riding a unicycle…. Continue Reading >

Why We Need to Ditch the Go for 2 and 5 Message When It Comes to Children | Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore | Ep 212

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy and of course, a big part of ensuring this has to do with their diet and the balance of foods they’re eating. However, figuring out the right mix of healthy… Continue Reading >

New Treatment for Mastitis: What You Need To Know | Pinky McKay| Ep 210

You may have heard the proverb, it takes a village to raise a child, and for so many reasons in our hectic busy and stressful day-to-day lives these days it’s not always possible to receive direct support and guidance from… Continue Reading >

Why Children Should Get Excited about Reading, Writing and Illustrating Books | Sophia Stefanos | Ep 210

Aren’t children’s imaginations beautifully vivid and all so entertaining  When children create by drawing and or writing, it really is a sneak peek directly into their hearts and minds. An opportunity to gain insight into seeing life through their lens… Continue Reading >

Toddler Daylight Saving Sleep Tips | Catherine Bendeich | Ep 148

  Daylight savings ends Easter Sunday, April 4th for families in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.To help support you and your children’s sleep transition, we thought we’d share 3 top tips with a… Continue Reading >

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