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I know there’s no magic handbook on parenting that can solve all our problems or a wise guru sat somewhere on top of a mountain who can answer all our millions of questions.

I also understand that parenting, although an absolute honour, is most probably the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do.
Where Kiddipedia derived from was my curiosity: where do parents go for parenting support and answers?

As Australia’s leading parenting advice website and a world-leading parenting resource, Kiddipedia is committed to delivering evidenced-based information from leading industry experts, and thoughts leaders, to help you be the best parent you can be.
Together, let’s give children the life they deserve and a positive future.

Library of Episodes


For top tips, recipes, expert advice, health and wellbeing support and advice, look no further than our awesome parenting blogs curated by Kiddipedia!

CMV: The Most Common Infectious Cause of Disability in Newborn Babies | Dr Hayley Smithers-Sheedy | Ep 188

  Have you heard of CMV? If this is the first you’ve heard of it I’m sure you’re not alone. Did you know that CMV is the most common infectious cause of disability in newborn babies? So, why do we… Continue Reading >

What is The Secret Value Of Your Child Learning Coding and STEM in Online Classes? | Adam Jacobs| Ep 187

  In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, a lot of us are thinking about the world we are leaving the next generation and what we need to do to help children be prepared for their future. Your child’s employability… Continue Reading >

What You Need to Know about Interpreting Dreams, What They’re Telling You | Rose Inserra | Ep 186

  Dreams have meaning and can hold symbolic and sometimes hidden cryptic messages for us. As we’ve all experienced, some of our dreams can be explained, and others can’t. Some of our dreams we can remember, others not so much…. Continue Reading >

Winter Safety Heading Into Spring at Home | Jason Chambers | Ep 185

  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always viewed, and felt, that our homes are the one place on the planet that is our personal haven, our sanctuary, and safe place. I’ve always seen the four walls and roof… Continue Reading >

Overcoming The Monster | Emma Mactaggart | Ep 184

  The ancient art of storytelling has been around since time began. As a tribal species, humans have relied on storytelling to help people connect, learn and communicate, with ourselves and others. The voice of narration has always had a… Continue Reading >

A Response to Recent Reports About the Dangers of Vegan Eating for Infants and Children | Sarah Smith | Ep 183

  Evolution. By definition, biologically, is defined as ‘change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. The recent increase in climate change awareness has increased a… Continue Reading >

How to Help My Child Sleep in their Own Bed | Deb Herdman | Ep 182

  Have you ever thought, that as we sleep we are in our most vulnerable and defenseless state. For this reason, it’s no surprise that many children crave the companionship, support and comfort of their parents as they wind down… Continue Reading >

10 Things Dads Can Do Now to Get Ready for Baby’s Arrival | Keren Ludski, CEO of Red Nose Australia | Ep 181

  Discovering that you are expecting a baby is one of the most uplifting and thrilling experiences any couple could encounter. Whilst a mother is carrying a baby, naturally, we focus on her health and wellbeing. With ongoing prenatal checkups… Continue Reading >

Tips to Look After Your Mental Health as a New Mum or Parent | Dr Harvey Karp | Ep 180

  Undoubtedly, being a parent is the most honourable, righteous and wonderful role known to women or man. One that is filled with selfless sacrifices yet an undeniable, unconditional love that no words could ever describe. For that reason, it’s… Continue Reading >

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