Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

Have you been struggling for new ideas to keep kids occupied?  

The following three activities allow your child/children to test their creativity, problem solving, show their artistic side and have some outdoor adventures. These activities are for young children and my little boy who is four just loved them 

However, you can have older kids join in and also the whole family who will enjoy all of these just as much as a four-year-old  

Lego/Duplo Skittles  

Creating your own skittles is fun and super easy with LEGO.  

Kids can make their own unique skittle towers; nothing is off limits as long as they are towers and can be knocked down.   

This exercise and game helps kids with their problem-solving skills, creativity, planning skills and confidence, and it is also heaps of fun for everyone.   



  1. UseLEGODuplo/LEGO  
  2. Start building towers
  3. Make 5 – 6 different towersor more it is up to you
  4. Decorate your towers with animals or other LEGO items
  5. Get a small ball and then see how many skittle towers you can knockdown
  6. If they break, build them again and keep on playing


Autumn Pictures  

With the weather getting colder, leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees. The autumn leaves are so colourful and pretty, there is red, yellow, and browns. Some leaves are so vibrant that they light up gardens and parks with their vivid colour. 

Creating artwork with brightly coloured leaves is a fun project to do with the kids. Plus, it is a cheap creation that you can easily do at home with no additional cost. 

So, what do you need? 

  • Paper 
  • Paint  
  • Crayons/Pencils/Textas 
  • Autumn Leaves 
  • Glue Stick 
  • Clear contact paper if you wish to do a see-through option to stick on a window 

You can also laminate the pictures and add them to your window. Or just do them with clear contact paper so that they are see-through. If you do this version just add coloured craft paper for the tree branches as paint and crayons will not work on contact paper.   

Mining for Crystals & Diamonds 

Did you know that you can mine for crystals and diamonds? And they are located at your local park? Yep, I’ve blown your mind haven’t I. 


I took my four-year-old to the park and he found diamonds and also crystals (aka rocks), he was dead keen on collecting these gemsto take them home, to wash and to analyse them.  

So how do you take your little ones to find these precious items?  Well it is super easy, just go to your local park and get adventuring.   

 How to Mine for Crystals & Diamonds 

  • Go to your local park or oval 
  • Make sure you have a bag to collect your treasures 
  • Search for any shiny stone or that might be a gem in the rough (still rocks, so don’t get too excited) 
  • Once all your jewels have been collected and you have safely nagivated the zombie water (yes this is real, and zombies live near any water that is at the park. We were lucky to not have any zombie water, but they will still be in the mud that is around, so take extra care!) 
  • Take your finds home to wash them and see if you indeed have found a rare crystal or diamonds. 


 I hope these activities have given you some great creative ideas to keep kids busy and entertained.   

 My little boy really loved the LEGO Skittles and finding diamonds at the park, he is keen to see what other treasures he can find next 

 Let us know what you have been doing to keep your kids busy?  


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