Mummy To Twins Plus One

Mummy To Twins Plus One

Can you work with kids yelling and screaming?

Are you able to get things done when kids are playing and making so much noise?

I can’t and I actually hate it.

Yep, I’m a mum to three kids that cannot deal with a crazy noisy house.

I do have a limit, and some noise is okay.

However,  if it gets too noisy or chaotic then I find it difficult to concentrate, and nothing gets done. Not to mention dealing with kids that fight and hurt themselves every two-seconds!


Lately, all kids seem to find a way to hurt themselves and of course need mummy to help them feel better.

Once hurt Mummy needs to give cuddles, kisses, band-aids and if needed painkillers are prescribed. However, due to the injuries more yelling and whinging ensues!

One mum at school said that she just tunes it all out. I wish I could, she must be super zen to do this or have a gene that allows her to dismiss the crazy.



When the twins were little and finally in preschool, I relished the silence. I would come back to the house and just sit.

I would have my coffee in my hand, be in the living room with the television off and staring at the wall.

It was amazing to have silence.

No noise and time for me to do things I want to do for a change.

Fast forward ten years plus three kids, I find that I crave silence even more and more. I can finally watch a show that is not Toy Story or The Minions.

After kids going crazy or otherwise acting normal and playing at a level that breaks the sound barrier.  I need a break.

You might find me rocking myself in the fetal position or just staring into space.  Don’t worry there is nothing wrong, I’m just enjoying the quiet.

 It does take a while for the noise in my head to go away. Does this happen to you?

I still don’t get how you can ignore kids trying to kill each other.

My aim for the family is to have more quiet, and time for everyone to concentrate. With the quiet time we could read, write, the kids could do homework, or anything really.

How about mediation for a few minutes?  If it’s quiet I could finally meditate or hear myself think.  This does happen sparingly when I am kid free.

How do you get quiet time for yourself?

For me the time when kids are at school and care are golden and my silent time.

Have you implemented more quiet into your day?  We have so many distractions and devices that cause noise as well, it’s not just kids that create noise.

I believe that you have to tune out to do more.

If you keep on going with all the noise and the things you need to do, eventually you will burn out.



Having a quiet time each day can do the following:

  • Reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • When you are silent you can reconnect with nature.
  • Taking time out to just switch off allows you to get answers to questions you are seeking. Have you ever had that moment when the place is still and you finally figure out the solution to a problem, I know I have.
  • Helping you listen better, many people just want to tell their stories and I am not alone in this. However, if you are silent for a while and allow yourself to listen you will learn more and be a more effective listener as you can fully concentrate on what is being said.
  • Concentration is also something that is helped by silence. Improve your work day by turning off the music and tv and see how it helps your business.
  • Creativity is another bonus of being silent and still. If you have the chance to sit and just be you will be amazed at all the wonderful ideas that come to you.


Let us know what works for you?

Or maybe you are one of these people that can magically tune out kids noise and stay calm, plus get things done.

If you are one of these magical people,  I think your DNA needs to be studied.  We can then uncover what it is that helps you focus in an environment that is crazy noisy.


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