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There’s an old saying when it comes to parenthood – the child doesn’t come with a user manual.

It is a memorable cliché, but it is not necessarily true in the modern world with numerous parent resources and websites available to help you at all stages of your child’s development.

Kiddipedia has compiled the best of this information across the web, designed to provide a one-stop location for you to find parenting tips, advice, useful links and more. Access trustworthy guidance when you need it most.

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From useful articles, expert parenting information and a range of other resources – we’re here to guide you through your journey. Explore:


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We like to think of ourselves as the user manual you didn’t get at the hospital – let us help you find all the answers to your biggest questions.


Explore advice for mums you can trust

Kiddipedia takes into consideration that the role of being a mum has changed dramatically over the years. For example, here are some figures that are driving trends across this demographic:

Australian women are having children later in life, with the median age now 31.3 years old, compared with 27.7 years ago when the median was 30 years.
More Australian mothers are working. Of those mums with children under 12, 55 per cent are employees while a further 11 per cent run their own business.
Female owner/managers are on the rise as well, with the volume increasing 7.6 per cent over 10 years and;
Four per cent of mothers with children under 12 are working more than one job.

Our parenting information website is designed to deliver advice that’s tailored towards these changes. We’re here to help mothers of all walks of modern life juggle the many aspects involved with raising a family.


We’re also the go-to as a leading useful website for dads

There are 4.6 million fathers out there in Australia, making up 20 per cent of the total population.But there’s also been changes here, too, with the days of dad going off to work and mum staying at home to raise the kids well behind us.

Currently, there are 156,000 single-parent fathers across the country, and 144,000 'House Hubbies' who stay at home to look after the children. Additionally, the length of time dads are spending with their newborn children is increasing as well, rising up to 33 days.

So, to help dads access the parent resources they need along the way, Kiddipedia makes a variety of guides and informative pieces available when they’re needed most.

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Your guide to the best websites for Australian parents

Finding the right websites for products, services and accessories for your child can be like a maze. There are so many options out there these days, and even more online noise to deal with. And then there’s the varying reputations and mixed marketing messages to tackle.

We know you are already juggling so much, so the team at Kiddipedia has compiled the leading websites for Australians to get the best products for their families, without the hassle. Browse all of our nifty resources now or find a bit more about us below: parenting websites Australia

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