Melanie McGrice

Melanie McGrice

If you’re a couple of months into your pregnancy, the temptation to give into those ice cream cravings and hang out on the couch is probably growing as fast as your baby is! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important for you and your bub, so I’ve come up with a few easy ways to keep you motivated and on track for these last crucial months.


  1. Learn as much as you can

Research has found that the more knowledgeable a woman is about the nutrition her body needs during pregnancy, the healthier her diet. And it makes sense! For example, if you’ve read up on how important omega-3 is for your baby’s developing brain and know that inadequate levels may result in your child experiencing learning difficulties, you’ll be a lot more conscious of getting your two serves of fish a week than someone who only knows that fish = good. Seeking the advice of a dietitian will help you to get accurate and important information from one place but don’t be afraid to do your own research as well – just make sure it’s from a credible source.


  1. Exercise!

Putting your sneakers on and going for a jog may sound like the last thing you want to do when you’re nauseated, exhausted, bloated or all of the above. However, taking part in low-intensity exercise can help to reduce various crappy pregnancy symptoms; as little as 20 minutes a day thrice a week has been proven to decrease feelings of fatigue by up to 65%. It is important to note that the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend a minimum of two and half hours of exercise a week, so the more movement you’re able to fit into your day, the better you’re going to feel. You should be able to take part in gentle exercise (such as walking, swimming or yoga) the whole way through your pregnancy, so get your partner or a friend involved and hold each other accountable.


  1. Focus on your baby

Everything you put into your body travels to your baby’s bloodstream via the placenta. If you’re fuelling your body with fruits and veggies, whole grains, low-fat dairy and other vital nutrients, your bub will get all the same benefits from them that you do. The same goes for exercise! When almost every aspect of your life is revolving around your pregnancy, nine months can seem like a long time. Try to remember that it’s actually only about 1% of your whole lifespan and that the way you treat your body will affect your child for the rest of his or her life.


Ensuring you do these three things will help you to take care of yourself in the way you and your bub both deserve. If you’re still feeling a little lost, join my 8 Simple Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy Program and let me help you to get back on track.


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