What You Need to Know About the Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy and Postpartum

According to Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, Chloe de Winter from Go Chlo Pilates   I’m sure you’ve heard the words “pelvic floor” mentioned here and there. Perhaps, you’ve been told to “do your kegels at the traffic lights” at some… Continue Reading >

Pregnancy & Your Pelvic Floor

By Dr. Sami Karam (Osteopath)   As all pregnant women would testify, a fetus growing into a tiny baby puts pressure on your bladder. This causes you to do more laps to the bathroom than an Olympic relay. As the… Continue Reading >

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

By Doula and IBCLC, Birth Aims   Pregnancy can be a whirlwind of emotional and physical change for women. The changes a woman experiences will be different dependent on her body, the pregnancy, her hormone levels, placenta placement, pre-existing conditions…the… Continue Reading >

How to grow your relationship during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most couples as you get ready for your new arrival – be it thinking of potential names, buying tiny baby clothes or planning the nursery. But it is also a time to acknowledge the… Continue Reading >

Stress Can Influence Fertility

Stress alone does not cause infertility, however, there is a link between stress and lowered chances of pregnancy. It appears your body knows that stressful times are not a good time to have a baby. Recent studies have confirmed links… Continue Reading >

A Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy

By Danny Williams – The Osteopath   “Being pregnant is an occupational hazard of being a wife.” Queen Victoria As a dad and husband, I was really looking forward to having children. I thought it would be a lot of fun…. Continue Reading >

How working women can keep it up, even while pregnant

by Jen Dugard   In the 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Physical Activity During Pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women should aim to get at least 150mins per week of moderate-intensity activity per week to achieve clinically meaningful health benefits… Continue Reading >

How to prepare your body for a baby

The hustle ain’t pregnancy approved. In our busy, face-paced lives women are often juggling the corporate grind and trying to get ahead with being fit (read: skinny), feeling their best and also start thinking about the possibility of a future… Continue Reading >

20 things You Didn’t Expect When You Had Your Newborn 

By Associate Professor Dr Sandy Hopper   You devoured all the pregnancy books, worked out a birth plan, installed a baby capsule in the car and finally got the nursery set up – you are ready for your firstborn! But… Continue Reading >

Pregnancy: the best time to prepare for the birth of a new you

Becoming a mother is an important rite of passage in the life of a woman. Preparing for motherhood and your postpartum experience can make a huge difference to your stress levels, mood and relationships during the first days, weeks and… Continue Reading >