When does Good Friday become a Great Friday!

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Fertility and your Thyroid – is there a link?

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How To Monitor The Intensity Of Your Pregnancy Workouts Without Tracking Your Heart Rate | Rachel Simpson | Ep 135

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How A Woman’s Body Changes During Pregnancy | Rachel Simpson | Ep 125

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What is the Ideal Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Dr Tanya Unni AMTAN Medical Centre, Pimpama, Gold Coast   Weight gain is a natural part of pregnancy but how much is too much? First of all, let’s put a myth to bed. The notion of ‘eating quantity for two’… Continue Reading >

Back Pain and Pregnancy

For most women, back pain is an integral part of being pregnant. For some, back pain starts in the first trimester itself. Back pain can actually be an early sign of pregnancy. Women who are overweight or have had back… Continue Reading >

How to survive hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy

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Pelvic Floor & Its Importance to our Body During & After Childbirth | Linda Fuller | Ep 111

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Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

By Melanie McGrice, APD and Pregnancy Chef ambassador   We all know that a healthy diet is important during pregnancy, but despite this, 100% of Australian pregnant women don’t meet their recommended nutritional needs.[1] With morning sickness, hormone fluctuations and… Continue Reading >