Setting Up A Nursery On A Budget | Karen Faulkner | Ep 132

  When you discover the exciting news that you’re expecting a baby, naturally you’re eager to provide your child with the best possible start to life. With endless amount of gadgets, & the continued introduction of new technologies, there’s no… Continue Reading >

Burping Your Baby

Why do we burp babies and why is it so important? Babies need to be burped during and after breast and bottle feeds as they are unable to get into a position by themselves to bring their own burps up…. Continue Reading >

The best way to introduce baby to solids

Words by dietitian, nutritionist and wellness ambassador at SunRice, Lyndi Cohen Your baby is growing rapidly. Wonderful things are happening! In the first six months of life, the average baby will double their birth weight and by 12 months, the… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s Christmas Guide 2020

Oh the magic of Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. As the saying goes, Christmas isn’t a season, it is a feeling. The magic of Christmas is silent in the moments that are indescribable. There’s… Continue Reading >

Baby And Toddler Sleep Support That Isn’t Sleep Training | Dr Pamela Douglas | Ep 110

  The traditional baby and toddler sleep training methods we all know, like and trust originated in the 1950’s. We’re here today share with you a new approach that may raise a few eyebrows. This is an internationally recognised, evidence-based… Continue Reading >

Revolutionising the bottle-feeding experience for mums and baby

Media kindly brought to you by Rochilou   Bottle-feeding expressed breast milk or formula presents challenges for virtually all parents in keeping your baby safe, happy and well-fed. Whether you’re a first-time mother who is scrambling to make it work,… Continue Reading >

Newborn Baby Night Feeds – How to Cope

The reality is that newborn babies generally need to feed every 2-4 hours and this is all day and all night. They have small stomachs and their milk is digested quickly so they need to refill. Many babies will wake… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s Newborn Guide 2020 Spring Summer Edition

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5 Key Benefits Of Choosing Goat’s Milk Formula For Your Baby

Media kindly brought to you by Oli6 Did you know that 86% of all children under the age of two suffer from digestive issues? The symptoms of digestive distress in babies and toddlers can take the form of regurgitation, bad… Continue Reading >

Your Baby’s First Teacher – Yes You!!

Written by Dr Tessa Grigg and Bindy Cummings   When your beautiful baby came into the world we are sure you were not thinking about your new role as a teacher. But that is, in fact, what every parent is:… Continue Reading >