Three ways to manage expectations when you’re expecting 

Your expectations shape your experiences. And it’s no different with the transition to motherhood. You may have assumptions about what the birth will be like, the type of parent you will be, the things you will or will not do… Continue Reading >

Should I be eating for 3 when pregnant with twins?

If you’re reading this, I am guessing you are pregnant with twins! Congratulations! While this is a super exciting time, you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering ‘what should I be eating when pregnant with twins?’ Well,… Continue Reading >

How to track your ovulation cycles for conception

Women will spend quite literally thousands of dollars trying to work this out, but it’s really very simple. As an embryologist, turned Fertility educator and IVF advocate, I have been working with women and couples who are trying to conceive… Continue Reading >

Six Steps on How to Manage your Pregnancy at Work

I went to a power lunch last week and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of big tummies around the table. Several of the mums were talking about their experiences of working while pregnant and balancing coming back to… Continue Reading >

Tips on Managing Work while Pregnant

Pregnancy looks and feels different from woman to woman but also from pregnancy to pregnancy for the same woman. Depending on age, job type, and health risks, the list goes on. My first pregnancy in 2008 when I was a… Continue Reading >

How working women can keep it up, even while pregnant

by Jen Dugard   In the 2019 Canadian Guidelines for Physical Activity During Pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women should aim to get at least 150mins per week of moderate-intensity activity per week to achieve clinically meaningful health benefits… Continue Reading >

What would you include on a pre-pregnancy checklist?

Every pre-pregnancy checklist will always include pre-natal vitamins, a GP check up and maybe even a dental check up… But what very few of them include (in fact I would go so far as to say none of them!) is… Continue Reading >

Is it safe to exercise while I’m trying to fall pregnant?

Whether it’s a well-meaning Aunt warning us not to lift anything too heavy, or an online fitness guru barbell squatting with a giant pregnant belly, there is so much conflicting information available about whether exercise is safe to do whilst… Continue Reading >


What is endometriosis?   Endometriosis is present when tissue that is similar to the lining of the uterus (womb) occurs outside this layer (cells are found in other parts of the body) and causes pain/or infertility.   The cause of… Continue Reading >

3 Steps to make working whilst pregnant easy

Working whilst pregnant doesn’t have to be a dreaded activity, it doesn’t have to be hard, it can be easy and fun. For the majority of us, there are so many activities within our control to support us to work… Continue Reading >