by Damon Nailer   Intrinsic Motivation is internal, meaning it comes from within and can be generated without any assistance. Typically, leaders, independent, assertive, and aggressive people possess intrinsic motivation. This is because in many cases, they don’t have anyone… Continue Reading >

How to Stay Motivated When You Have No Motivation

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, especially when you are juggling lock downs, children, a career and a family.  The reason people find themselves unmotivated could be because they are not seeing the bigger picture.  When things are… Continue Reading >

Joe Wicks, founder of The Body Coach App shares his top tips for your wellness

There is so much more to wellness than just going to the gym and eating well. Wellness is how you feel, how you view yourself and your mental health. In fact, if anything I prefer that my clients train with… Continue Reading >

Why wellness is more than weight-loss. Why The Body Coach wants you to focus on your mind and mental health

The past year has been a real emotional rollercoaster. It’s challenged us all and tested our resilience in ways we have never experienced before. I don’t know about you, but for me personally it’s definitely affected my mental health, my… Continue Reading >

Mother’s Day 2020

Motivation takes practice, it takes dedication, and it takes time and PATIENCE. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you are going to be successful in change – it’s going to be a life change – and that takes time. If… Continue Reading >

Helping our Kids Set SMART Goals

Goal setting gives us focus, allows us to measure our progress, overcome procrastination, help with motivation, manage stress and anxiety and helps us to develop resilience, to problem solve and bounce back from perceived failures. The trick is to make… Continue Reading >

How to Motivate Your Kids in the Morning

As parents, we’ve all experienced that dreaded morning madness. Getting the kids out of bed, dressed, fed and ready to be at school or day care with lunches, school bags and everything else, and maybe even on time… it can… Continue Reading >

Learning to Catch a Ball

Being able to catch a ball is a basic gross motor skill that can have a big influence on your child’s future motivation and ability to participate in sports with their friends and for fitness. For your child to successfully… Continue Reading >

Help! What can I do now that I’ve run out of motivation?

If you’re a couple of months into your pregnancy, the temptation to give into those ice cream cravings and hang out on the couch is probably growing as fast as your baby is! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important… Continue Reading >

Shining in the strength of her sudden life as a single parent

A compelling journey of loss and a new reality by author Suzanne Duncan   For some, cancer might be the inevitable, and for those left behind years of inability to cope, to move forward or to manage a new role as… Continue Reading >