Trusting your instincts is a common enquiry, of when to know the gut instinct you have is right and best listened to, versus what a fear is arising in you from an emotional response by something in the media, the information overload given to new parents, or from your well-meaning family member putting doubt or fear into your thoughts.

Parents can learn to trust and listen to their inner guidance system, by implementing a few very simple practices. These practices can also be adopted by anyone wanting to delve further into their own mindfulness, accessing their higher consciousness.

  1. Being in stillness. It is in the gaps between our thoughts, that being in this flow, allows genuine guidance to be developed and accessed. Stillness and mindfulness can be practised and achieved through a practice of meditation, or simply calming your thoughts by feeling into your breath. Allow your thoughts to flow through you effortlessly, not attempt to stop them, as that is often impossible; rather let them pass through without them taking you out of flow, feeling into the calm of your breath.

Meditation is a practice that is key to accessing a deeper sense of calm. A heightened clarity and awareness develop, as well as, creating more authentic choices, with greater alignment between your thoughts, what you say and what you do. The benefits of meditation have been well documented over thousands of years. Improved brain function and helping you to stay in a rhythm of graceful flow and peace, guiding your thoughts, decisions, judgements and actions to become more conscious, ultimately leading to more intuitively conscious behaviours.

  1. Listen. The simple act of feeling into your responses and listening to that first thought about something, thinking back to your first gut reaction or sense of knowing. The thought that keeps coming repeatedly, with this sense that it is truthful, does not let up. Sometimes we can’t make sense of what our instincts are telling us. Learning to trust is very important. Validation, often in hindsight of the instinctive thought helps to build trust in our instincts.
  2. Feel. Everything is made up of energy, which has a frequency or vibration to it. These vibrations are what we can learn to decipher by feeling into our body’s reaction. When someone tells you something like, “your child is fine, there is nothing to worry about” the energy from these words, the vibe is given off, will either reassure you or you will get a sense that it is just off and know to explore things further. Feeling into this is part of listening to the instinct.
  3. Letting go of the fear. Being ok with making mistakes. Which may sound wrong in itself. This is imperative, however, as you have to be ok to be incorrect on some level, which is just as relevant for us who are psychic and giving messages to people. The reason for this is, you will not allow the flow of energy to flow through you as you can be too caught up in the fear energy of being wrong. This then leads to parents having an anxiety and fear that their instinctual decision or gut response is not the right one, controlling them to not act on it or trust themselves to know what is best.

It is the parent’s own mindfulness, their awareness of how energy is given via frequencies and vibrations within our own consciousness; that we are connected to all things by these energetic vibrations. Having an awareness and an understanding of things that are not tangibly seen by the eye, help us to listen and feel into our instincts. Being receptive to the responses or reactions within the body when they get an instinct or reaction in the mind or body about something, often not always perceptible or make sense at the time but being open to the awareness helps to decipher our instincts. Our body reacts when a situation feels “off”, or a heightened sense of awareness that something is to be further investigated, without anything visibly abnormal about a situation. This is our body reading into an energy that is being given off by the people, places, situation or surrounding environment. The energy can either be negative or positive or even indifferent. Either way, the more we tune into our body and energies, the greater we can feel these energies.

The connection between the parents with their children is a bond that is very powerful. A mother or father has an innate knowledge of the energy of their child, more than any other person. They are around their child the most out of anyone. Feeling when something is not right becomes fine-tuned very quickly.

Parents trusting this connection, knowing that they do know more than anyone, their own child. These needs fostering at all costs. I believe it is the responsibility of professionals that guide parents, to always empower the parent to believe that at the end of the day, the parent is the one that does know best.

When I am asking parents, “what is your gut telling you” I give them space to feel into this. Telling them at the time, “it is ok if you don’t think you know”. Allowing them space, for the stillness to come, the breath to calm their thoughts, and for them to take the time to feel into their thoughts, along with their body’s reactions. Parents are always spot on when they truly listen and feel into it. This confirmation and validation are what feeds the trust for parents to continue to listen to their instinct and their ability to read into the energy of a situation for their child’s wellbeing.

Often it will take a few times of reflecting on their instinct and getting feedback that it was right. This helps to learn and build trust for the parent. As a professional, trusting that parents do know is powerful, encouraging them that they do know what is best for their child, above anyone else.

One incident that has happened recently, and one that I think was a great example of trusting and listening to that gut instinct, the inner guidance, really did pay off. It was with one of my daughters’ friend, Rhiannon, who was pregnant with her first child. A boy named Jaxon. She was 40+6 weeks pregnant. Her description of what occurred went like this:

“I thought that I was wet on my pants…leaking fluid. But I didn’t know for sure, as it was very light, (and being full term, leaking a little urine happens). But I wasn’t sure and that something was telling me to go and get checked as it just ‘didn’t feel right’. I felt a prickly feeling that I really needed to be check. I called the hospital and went to the maternity suite. Thankfully I did, as my baby’s CTG (heart monitoring) was showing that he was in distress. I was also showing tightening’s of the uterus, and his heart rate was dropping every time I had a tightening. I hadn’t felt these tightening’s at all, and prior to this, he was moving as normal. So, if it wasn’t for listening to this instinct to get checked, I could have been doing this for days. My baby was in distress, and only getting worse. The test came back negative that my waters had broken, but when they tried to break the waters to induce me, there was no water left. I was immediately induced but resulted in an emergency caesarean section as he was too distressed by this stage. My baby when born very distressed. Blue in colour. And required results. He was then taken to a tertiary hospital as he was quite unwell, so I didn’t get to see him until I got discharged a day later, to go to the other hospital. Thankfully, my baby, Jaxon is thriving, after a very scary start in the world. I am so thankful I listened to my gut that day. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t”.

So, if Rhiannon hadn’t listened to these niggles of something “not quite right”, the end results could have been far different. Rhiannon has gone on throughout the next few months of her son’s life, to fully trust now what her gut is saying to her about her son. It is relieving and empowering for her to know that she is the one that knows her son better than anyone.

When I was practising as a midwife in the hospital, these sorts of occurrences of an instinct that does not always have a physical proof that something is wrong would happen a lot. Midwives themselves often knowing that things are off as they become extra sensitive at the energy of a labouring mother. Getting to then act accordingly, even if physically everything looked ok. Our gut instincts are always guiding us.

However, recently what has been shown from baby’s that I have read, is that it is the signal, which can either be a telepathic form, or energy that is sent from a distressed foetus to their mother, that was giving that mum the reason to act, even when there were not any outward physical symptoms showing anything wrong. The bond between mother and baby is very strong, as a professional I honour this bond implicitly, and this should always be safeguarded and taken seriously.

When I saw Jaxon as a 3-month-old baby, I was told very clearly by telepathic energy from Jaxon, “I am glad to be alive”. I blurted this out to Rhiannon at the time, as it was so clear and precise. Rhiannon later remembered that this is what she says to him all the time, “were ok, we’re happy to be alive and healthy” whenever he gets upset. Jaxon has other times, just with reading his energy via clairvoyance (when not in physical proximity to him), told me that he was grateful that his mum listened to him. He was the one that alerted his mum to go and get help. I myself was even surprised at the clarity in which I was able to listen to this baby’s thoughts.

These experiences have led me onto more experiences similar to this one, which has been such a gift and honour to be able to actually feel into the energy of the child so clearly. The oldest child so far that I have been able to listen to this way, has been a 2.5-year-old, who I was able to very quickly articulate to the parents the word that she was using “smack” was actually just her way of saying “naughty”, making the context much less distressing to the parents.

Babies and children don’t have the same energy filters that adults do. They are such pure souls and easy to tap into to hear their thoughts. Their ego or fear isn’t there yet, like so many adults have. Fear and ego block the flow of energy, which is in our thoughts and our bodies vibrations.

I feel very lucky to be able to do this work in this way, I get to add the spiritual aspect to a practical skill of caring for families and their babies. It is a daily learning curve, as every child has something else to offer that I am learning to understand. Every child comes with a different ability to communicate telepathically, with the open awareness of the parents also playing a part as to the clarity given via the child. Why that is, I am yet to understand completely, but look forward to finding out.

Love and Light to all



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