There are a number of different types of Muscular Dystrophies. Most of the research into exercise and neuromuscular conditions has focused on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. This factsheet provides a general overview of benefits for neuromuscular conditions…. Continue Reading >

Children and Technology

In the age of technology and social media, children and adolescents are now less likely to be physically active. Research has indicated that living a sedentary lifestyle (e.g. not being physically active and playing video games or watching television) can… Continue Reading >

What Happens to our Bodies and Brains Without Sufficient Sleep

By Dr. Harvey Karp   Not getting enough ZZZs does more than make us groggy and grouchy—it greatly impacts our physical and mental health…and our ability to parent. Whether you’ve got an infant snoozing in a cot at your bedside—or… Continue Reading >

The kids are doing just fine…

by Shane Warren   In recent years all across the globe, we have witnessed a growing public debate about the rights of same-sex attracted couples being allowed to marry.  Echoing down the halls of this debate constantly is the discussion… Continue Reading >

10 reasons to keep your twins and multiples in the same class, and 10 reasons to separate them!

To separate twins and multiples at school or not is one of the biggest decisions multiple birth parents face when their children start school.   Obviously in some cases the decision is taken out of your hands, such as if the… Continue Reading >

Preparing For School When Your Child Has Allergies

Starting school is a big step for any child. Add food allergies to the mix, and it can make parents feel extremely anxious. However, remember there are hundreds of children who attend school with allergies successfully with no incidents. Managing allergies at school… Continue Reading >

Difficult Times – How We Can Best Teach Our Kids at Home

Susan Spelic (Teacher and Author)   It’s a tough time around the Globe. Let’s all take a big deep breath and think about what is important. As a mum I think mental health at this stressful is the most important… Continue Reading >

Children Aren’t Limited By Their Hearing Loss: Mum’s Message for Australian Families this Hearing Awareness Week

Imagine hearing the words, “I’m sorry, your baby didn’t pass the hearing screening test.” Despite Australia’s stake as a global leader in innovation that promotes and supports people living with hearing loss, including universal newborn hearing screening and specialist early… Continue Reading >

3 things I wish I did differently when I was pregnant

I’m not afraid to admit that there are a few things I’d do differently if I had my time of being pregnant again with my boys. Actually, from the time before we were ready to start a family. We learn… Continue Reading >

Screen Time for Babies and Young Children

Babies and toddlers love watching screens, couple that with the fact that there are screens everywhere now and the result is often too much screen time. Many parents are concerned about the amount of screen time their baby or toddler… Continue Reading >