Those first few days when you get home after birth can seem the most daunting, bewildering but also a glorious time. When I brought my first child home, many years ago now…eek. I had no idea what I was meant to do. I relied on the nurse that I visited every week to guide me. I thought I would never get it right and possible break my daughter. I remember the nurse’s patience and guidance was such an instrumental support. I soon gained my confidence, but this took many weeks and months. I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

But you will know what to do! And it does get easier…

This tiny human has chosen you to be their parents; you are together on this journey. Trust in that. You are the only people in this world that will know what’s best for your baby. The connection between Mum/Dad & baby is the strongest ever – and honouring that connection is so important. A parent’s instinct is never to be discredited. Listening and trusting those gut feelings is vital. Knowing the cry your baby gives you, communicating to you what they need, will be something that as a parent you will learn to understand. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. We learn as we go. Babies vital needs in those first few weeks are basically – being fed and having as much love and cuddles. Love and being nurtured are vital for their developing brains and emotional regulation.

Ensuring that you are also getting vital nutrition/hydration and rest wherever possible as well. With a well-supported family from others or just each other, allows the new family to develop a strong bond and build on a foundation of love.

Listening to the advice of the people around you about what they think is best, can help, but at times hinder this instinct; making you question your abilities to know what’s best.

I tell parents, in those first few days, take in the advice, decipher what works for you, and throw out the rest! Every baby is different! There is no book giving the exact advice to meet the needs of your baby. You will write your own book in your heart what you know works for you, your baby and your family.

When your baby cries, it can be for many reasons; it is their only ways of communicating to you what their needs are. This could be physical, emotional, or social needs. You may not even get the cues and interpret this in the first few weeks. But that’s ok! We never learnt to drive a car by jumping in and starting it the first time. We had to learn day by day. Each time getting better and better! Embrace these first few weeks of getting to know your baby and who you are as a parent. There is never too much love or cuddles you can give to your baby. Enjoy them and your new family. Take photos and videos, as before you realise, they will grow so fast, and before we know it they are off to kinder!


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