The WORDS no mother EVER wants to hear!

It had been a typical day in my life, of a mum to four young children. I had tried desperately to make some headway with the mess strewn across my house and the loads of dirty laundry that had piled… Continue Reading >

Children Aren’t Limited By Their Hearing Loss: Mum’s Message for Australian Families this Hearing Awareness Week

Imagine hearing the words, “I’m sorry, your baby didn’t pass the hearing screening test.” Despite Australia’s stake as a global leader in innovation that promotes and supports people living with hearing loss, including universal newborn hearing screening and specialist early… Continue Reading >

How do you get a gamer kid to help around the house?

One of the challenges we all face as parents is that as our kids get older, having them help out around the house can become an ever-increasing challenge. Between cries of I’m tired or I’m too busy, to I forgot… Continue Reading >

How To Support Your Child During A Separation

Going through a separation can be a complex journey, and it can be impossible to predict how this decision is going to impact your child. Regardless of their age, children are very intuitive to change and unrest, and so it… Continue Reading >

Top Tips to Support Kids’ Maths Study 2021 | James Burnett | Ep 141

  Following our experiences with homeschooling in 2020, Term 1 has presented a welcome return to the classroom and an opportunity to start the year afresh. It also has many parents eager to make a conscious effort to make this… Continue Reading >

Psychologist Working with Children | Carolyn Seri | Ep 139

Well, here we find ourselves at the start of a new year, following possibly the most significantly challenging one in our generations history. Dare I speak the name of the year that was 2020. Following that calamity we have to… Continue Reading >

Twin Dads

Being a dad to twins is just as hard as being a mum to twins. You may not have had to go through the birth yourself – although you were likely in the room for it. You may not be… Continue Reading >

Tips for supporting the transition back to school in 2021

Transitioning to a new year or a new school can be a worrisome experience for your child, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. There are many actions parents and caregivers can take to ease the transition back to school,… Continue Reading >

How to minimise COVID-19 anxiety as the kids return to school

By Chanel Nesci, Bupa Psychological Health and Safety Leader   Returning to school after the holidays can always evoke mixed emotions, for not only our children, but also for us as parents. After a big holiday break, some may feel… Continue Reading >

How Can You Help Your Partner While Breastfeeding | Julia Daly | Ep 136

  We’re here today to share 10 ways partners can provide breastfeeding support. Yep you heard me right – this is breastfeeding support information not for mums but for dads and partners. It’s paternal breastfeeding support information how fathers and… Continue Reading >