Tips to support a loved one through the experience of having a premature baby

Provided by Philips Avent Ambassador and midwife, Liz Wilkes   The premature arrival of a baby generally can create significant stress for the whole family. First and foremost, the mother and baby’s immediate health is of course the most important… Continue Reading >

Understanding Resilience

Resilience is a complex concept, yet it is often a tangible goal for parents when they think of their hopes and dreams for their child.  Everyone would love for their child to be “resilient”, but what does it really mean. … Continue Reading >

Best Christmas Gifts 2019

Oh the magic of Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. As the saying goes, Christmas isn’t a season, it is a feeling. The magic of Christmas is silent in the moments that are indescribable. It… Continue Reading >

Starting School

Do you have a little one about to start school – if so, you might be talking about this and possibly even doing some orientations at the school! Becoming a school kid is a big, big milestone. It is an… Continue Reading >

Announcing: Kiddipedia’s Inaugural Newborn Guide

      What could be more beautiful than bringing a new life into the world? It is undoubtedly incomparable and unparalleled with anything else. From a babies first heartbeat to the moment you hold your newborn in your hands,… Continue Reading >

Supporting Learning Styles for Parents with Intellectual Disability

National Child Protection Week 2019 celebrated the theme that children thrive when their parents are supported. In helping to celebrate this theme, Interaction Disability Services shares some of the many types of support and training that can help a family… Continue Reading >

Kiddipedia Is Proud To Announce Partnership With Red Nose

There is no doubt that during the last 40 years you would have heard of SIDS and Kids. I am sure you can recall seeing people wear a bright red nose or driving their car with an oversized one on… Continue Reading >

Helping your child through their divorce experience

When two parents decide to no longer be together, it is a decision that may have been long expected or it could come as a complete surprise. Every child’s reaction and response to their parents breaking-up will be unique and… Continue Reading >

Self-settling is the Secret to having a Great Sleeper!

I am passionate about SLEEP and understand the benefits for both adults and children, the evidence supporting sleep is compelling and widely understood and supported by health care professionals around the world. The human brain—yours and your baby’s—runs on sleep…. Continue Reading >

Family Allergy Education

To coincide with RU Okay Day let’s discuss something that is never spoken about – anxiety and the emotional health and wellbeing of families managing allergies. It’s not a medical team handling reactions and administering adrenaline, it’s families. But what… Continue Reading >