How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

So, what is tutoring? Tutoring can be defined as extra assistance with schoolwork outside of the school classroom. The main purpose and outcomes of tutoring can differ greatly and really depend on the needs of the student, the desires of… Continue Reading >

Why is exercise important for kids?

Physical activity in children is important for a wide variety of reasons. It helps to reduce overweight and obesity increases strength in muscles and bones and can even improve concentration at school. Exercise is a vital component of any child’s… Continue Reading >

It’s Important to Foster Independence

A new Netflix reality show called “Old Enough” has been sparking a spirited debate around the world about parenting and how we develop independence in our children. The show that depicts Japanese children, some as young as 2, taking their… Continue Reading >

Get your child back on track this year using the power of goal setting

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How can Aussie Mum’s and Dads gain confidence and reboot their health and fitness while juggling a busy lifestyle

Juggling a job, kids and a routine can seem overwhelming sometimes. As a parent, it’s easy to lose yourself day to day while trying to manage to stay afloat. Here are several things parents can do to help themselves stay… Continue Reading >

The critical item missing from your ‘Back to School’ Checklist

Whether you’re super organized, or like me, tend to leave everything until the last minute, there is a universal list of tasks, that every parent needs to achieve before their kids start back at school. Whilst individual requirements will vary… Continue Reading >

How to Boost Toddler Confidence

Toddlers lose all day long! They’re weaker, slower, shorter, less verbal, and clumsier than almost everybody they know. They just want to win a few! You can’t protect your child from all the losses he’ll suffer while he’s growing up…. Continue Reading >

Are Your Child’s Emotions Getting In The Way Of Their Success?

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Emotions should come with some kind of warning when we are born, and the warning should be: Buyer beware—emotions are powerful! Emotions can be the fuel driving you toward success, or they can be the… Continue Reading >

Putting the ‘Play’ in Holiday Play Time

Enriching your child’s free time with performance and play By Heidi Manche, Founder of Room to Play Kids and Teens Studio   It’s nearing June…which means the countdown is on until the winter school holidays. And this of course comes… Continue Reading >

What to expect at baby swimming lessons

By Mark Collins, CEO of JUMP! Swim Schools   If you’re planning to or thinking about introducing your baby to swimming lessons from an early age (3 months+), the experience is much different to starting a child at an older… Continue Reading >