Helping Your Child to Manage Their Big Feelings : A Guide to Emotional Regulation

For people of all ages, learning to manage big feelings is essential. Emotional regulation is our ability to manage big feelings. For children, learning to regulate emotions and manage their feelings is a crucial developmental milestone that lays the foundation… Continue Reading >

My child asked me to explain what ‘rape’ is, and I don’t know what to say?

Help Kristi… my child asked me to explain what ‘rape’ is, and I don’t know what to say? I get a lot of parents asking questions around ‘how to talk’ with their kids about tough subjects, which leave them worried… Continue Reading >

Easy Tips for Kids to Help Them Identify Emotions

Identifying emotions can be challenging for adults. Let alone for kids. All the more reasons why parents need to start talking and teaching their children about emotional intelligence at an early age. Basic emotions such as being happy, sad, scared,… Continue Reading >

How I directly employed a support worker for my autistic son – and found peace of mind in the process

When it comes to raising children, every parent understands the importance of finding the right support. For most families, this means hiring a trustworthy babysitter or leaning on loved ones for help during hard times. When one of your children… Continue Reading >

We don’t have a mother, just two dads: coming out every week…

Shane Warren   Recently I was at a conference and I ran into a mother of a child who was a ‘close’ friend of my eldest in day-care.  This in itself is not an all too uncommon experience, but it… Continue Reading >

Thinking of Starting a Family? Guys, Here’s How to Prepare Your Parenting Mindset!

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Okay guys, so your wife or partner is pregnant and you’re in a bit of a daze. Fatherhood? Me? A dad? You’re probably thinking this has come a bit sooner than you were expecting. You… Continue Reading >

Expert Insights on Fostering Positive Behaviour in Early  Childhood 

Raising young children is a journey filled with joy, challenges, and countless learning opportunities. As parents and educators, understanding the ‘why’ behind children’s behaviour and knowing how to guide them positively can make all the difference.   Drawing on the insights… Continue Reading >

How to Teach Your Children to Play on Their Own

Let’s be honest – all parents sometimes dream of a child playing independently for as long as possible, while mom or dad could do all their household chores combining them with their remote work. The paradox of the situation is… Continue Reading >

The critical item missing from your ‘Back to School’ Checklist

Whether you’re super organized, or like me, tend to leave everything until the last minute, there is a universal list of tasks, that every parent needs to achieve before their kids start back at school. Whilst individual requirements will vary… Continue Reading >

Helping Kids Regulate Their Emotions

Today, we’re going to talk about something really important: emotional regulation. It’s a big topic, and it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about, especially given the recent challenges my family has faced. Some of these events have been tough,… Continue Reading >