When I talk to other parents about listening to your gut, trusting the vibe or energy, then see it first hand in my own life; reiterates why it is that I wish for every parent to believe and trust their own intuition when it comes to their child. Honouring your connection with your child from the very start, even before they are born is vital.

My son was diagnosed on the 2nd of February this year with Type 1 Diabetes. His symptoms prior to this were so minimal and could have been written off as being something else. But something made me go to the doctors, insisting they check for diabetes. Thankfully they listened to me, taking blood to check despite only a few minor changes in his health.

For one day I noticed he went to the toilet twice in an hour, and he was trimming down in weight. That was it. But I knew something was off. Being a nurse as well, I was immediately aware that these two symptoms, despite being minor at the time, were symptoms of diabetes. My gut reiterated to me he needed prompt care.

He had the blood testa Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning the pathologist had rung the doctor’s surgery and told them I needed to get my son to the hospital emergency immediately.

When we arrived at the Royal Children’s Hospital, they were amazing and right on top of what they needed to do for my son. Traumatic as it was, he was well. Even the doctors were surprised at the low level of ketones (the byproduct of high levels of sugar in the blood) as they were still at a level Lisa Jolly A Mums Instinct 2 that was not dangerous. Too often, approximately a third or more of people that get diagnosed with type 1 diabetes end up in intensive care as they are extremely unwell when first diagnosed and most others require long stays in hospital stabilizing ketones and sugars.

Thankfully my son just required to have his high sugars stabilized with insulin and correct food intake. This in itself was awful, coming to terms with lifelong management, but we were so thankful that it wasn’t more serious in the beginning.

I thank every day that I listened. I listened to my gut, not thinking twice about what the doctor thought of me, or what others would say if I was wrong.

I looked back on the past few months prior to this, noticing that somewhere, somehow, I was being prepared for this. A friend that I met a few months before, told me how their son was diagnosed at age 3 with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time I thought how sad that they had to have injections at such a young age, every day, just to survive. Now, I’m that parent that has to have my 10 year old son inject insulin every day, 4 times a day.

The staggering thing to me is, 3 to 4 children are diagnosed with this every week. The Royal Children’s Hospital here in Melbourne have 1600 children on their books with Type 1 Diabetes and growing by the week.

My son throughout all of this has been so amazing, already taking upon himself to do his sugar tests and injections after I dial up the required dose. I believe that everything happens for a reason, despite this being something that has happened to him, it has developed a stronger bond between my family and children. We all are having to eat healthier, more conscious of Lisa Jolly A Mums Instinct 3 what we place in our mouths, the health of our bodies more prominent in our daily activities.

There is always a silver lining for any adverse event in our lives. Being grateful that we live in this amazing country, that help and support people through good health care; grateful that my family have amazing resilience and love for one another. Grateful my son is well and will continue to flourish, grow and being an amazing person for this world.

Love and Light to you all

Lisa x


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