The Art of Saying Sorry to Your Kids

How we all make mistakes as parents and repair is what’s needed to get us back on track. Sometimes as parents, despite our best intentions, we get it wrong. We yell or snap at our kids. We ‘dig in’ for… Continue Reading >

Trauma, connection and stress in the home

Connection is the foundation of a thriving, respectful and productive relationship with your baby. Without connection, you dive into dark and murky waters feeling your way into uncharted territory. Your relationship with your child starts before birth when they start… Continue Reading >

Connection Rituals to Battle Anxiety

Anxiety is often (but not always) a symptom of disconnection – something you will learn more about in our online course: Childhood Anxiety: Understanding and Helping Children Heal Even if this isn’t the source of the anxiety, the connection with… Continue Reading >

Mothers deserve more than basic hygiene for self-care

Don’t get me wrong, I would love a long soak in the bath without a child slamming the door open and jumping in with me – but thinking that’s all I need or deserve as self-care – think again. Self-care… Continue Reading >

Connecting Beyond a Digital World

Almost everyone knows how to live a healthy life. Eat vegetables, get good sleep, move our bodies, and be kind. Most of us also know the digital world doesn’t replace the need for in-person interactions. But what do we do… Continue Reading >

A Dads Perspective on ‘Getting Back to Normal’

When everything is uncertain. Everything that is important becomes clear. The last 2 years have been unprecedented.  There has been devastation on a global scale. Loss of lives. Loss of jobs. Loss of businesses. The world and people’s lives have… Continue Reading >

Staying Connected

Motherhood is the zenith of bliss and at the very same time it can be the nadir of distress. New mothers, many often, find it hard to cope with the around the clock responsibility of a baby. Coupled with anxieties,… Continue Reading >

Preparing your Relationship for Parenthood

Preparing for parenthood can be both exciting and daunting. As expectant parents, we seek advice wherever possible about birth, feeding, sleeping, prams and car seats – but, what about our relationship? This new season of parenthood presents specific joys and… Continue Reading >

How to Play with Your Baby | Belinda Joyce | Ep 173

  Newborn babies are everything we optimise with perfection. An impeccably sublime exquisité symbol of hope and faultlessness. Every newborn parent, at one time or another I’m sure, has held their baby and realised how delicate and fragile they are…. Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Children Growing Up with Pets

I grew up on a farm as a young boy so animals were just part of my daily ritual. My step father insisted that the animals eat before we did in the morning, and this job fell in my hands…. Continue Reading >