Handling “Those Looks” When You Have Fussy Kids at Christmas Gatherings

As a parent with a fussy eater, you have no doubt been served up your fair share of common-wisdom-but-oh-so-wrong advice when it comes to managing your child’s fussy eating behaviour. And as I have written about here for Kiddipedia previously,… Continue Reading >

To Repeat your child…… or not?

As a second half of the year arises teachers continue evaluating children’s progress and it is not uncommon that during parent teacher interviews for child’s readiness to take on the next year’s curriculum may arise. Invariably   this leads to the… Continue Reading >

A Guide To Airport Watchlist Orders

A family breakup is always tough on all involved and it is quite common for them to seek legal assistance from family law specialists in Sydney with such issues. However, when it involves a relationship with someone of another country,… Continue Reading >

Dusty Dolly’s Plea

By Rachel Favilla   I ponder my childhood often. I’m nostalgic and have the memory of an elephant in that I never forget, anything. Like ever. It’s a bitter-sweet complex. I have many joyous memories to re-live in my mind…. Continue Reading >

6 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Imaginative Play

Media kindly brought to you by Pink Poppy   It’s been said that “logic will get you from A to B, while imagination will take you everywhere”. Children’s irrepressible passion for play may be the purest example of how imagination… Continue Reading >

The Top 6 Affirmations to Say to your Child every Morning/Night during their Early Stages of Growth

Article attributed to Charlotte Ziff, Founder of children’s wellness and holistic brand, SunChild.    As every parent knows, there is no textbook formula that results in instant parenting success! The language used around children plays a major role in influencing… Continue Reading >

How Toy Cars Can Drive Your Child’s Development; Lessons With Toot-Toot Cory Carson!

Media kindly brought to you by VTech   Cars can accelerate, reverse, slow down, go uphill, and change lanes, so it’s no surprise that young kids are captivated by their sheer range of movement! Toddlers take to toy cars like… Continue Reading >

Tips on how to minimise the progression of myopia in children

Did you know that one in five Australian kids currently experience an undetected eye problem in some form* BUT a whopping 44% of children don’t have an eye examination before their ninth birthday**? Not catching eye problems early can be… Continue Reading >

How to find the right NDIS services for your child

Imagine you are sitting in your paediatrician’s consulting rooms and she has just confirmed your long-standing suspicion that your gorgeous 8-year-old has autism. Your mind is spinning – what does this mean for my child, have I done the right… Continue Reading >

5 Key Benefits Of Choosing Goat’s Milk Formula For Your Baby

Media kindly brought to you by Oli6 Did you know that 86% of all children under the age of two suffer from digestive issues? The symptoms of digestive distress in babies and toddlers can take the form of regurgitation, bad… Continue Reading >