Would you start educating your 3 year old about sexual abuse?

If you had asked me this question a number of years ago the answer would have been a definitive NO. I would have explained ‘our children are growing up in an oversexualized world and we must protect their innocence for… Continue Reading >

A response to recent reports about the Dangers of Vegan Eating for Infants and Children

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics www.baysidedietetics.com.au Facebook Bayside Dietetics Instagram BaysideDietetic   There has been a strong media reaction to a recent study that looked at the impact of vegan and vegetarian diets in children. I have written a… Continue Reading >

How to begin exploring a sensory diet with your child

By Jessica Turner Occupational Therapist at Youthrive   There is significant misconception with what a sensory diet actually is due to the term “diet”. Sensory diets are not actually a nutritional diet for your child. Sensory diets are developed for… Continue Reading >

Freaky clean parent, fussy eater child?

“I did not like mess so I stopped him from feeding himself, is this a problem, is this why he is such a fussy eater, asked Rebecca? Take a deep breath. It is unlikely that this is turning your child… Continue Reading >

As Childhood Cancer Cases Rise, Australian Families get ready to ‘Camp In’ to show support.

Childhood cancer is on the rise in Australia – it’s estimated that around 900 children aged between 0-14 were diagnosed with cancer in Australia in 2020. The incidence rate of childhood cancer rose by 35 per cent between 1983 and 2014 in Australia and it‘s expected to increase a further… Continue Reading >

Why Extra Curricular Activities are Great for Children

Soccer, tennis, music classes the list is endless. There are so many amazing activities that children can do after school. The smiles on children’s faces when they leave school to go to an activity demonstrates why these activities are so… Continue Reading >

What the rise of gentle parenting can teach all parents?

The increasingly popular method of parenting known as ‘gentle parenting’ is based on a more peaceful and positive approach to parenting, rather than the ‘old school’ authoritarian parenting style.  Whether you subscribe to the ideologies of the gentle parenting movement,… Continue Reading >

What to do when separating from your partner and there are young children involved

Lawyer Jacqui Bilson of Bilson Law provides a legal service where clients are listened to and empowered, working with them to ensure the best outcome. For anyone with a legal matter ahead of them, the prospect of separating when there… Continue Reading >

How pet ownership can help your child’s development

If you have grown up with a pet, you know of the joy and companionship they can provide, becoming a very prominent and loved member of the family. Alongside the joy pets bring comes a world of responsibility. While some… Continue Reading >

5 Expert Tips For Keeping Your Child Healthy Whilst Back At School

By Dr. Stephanie Rubino BSc, ND Naturopathic Doctor& Whole Earth & Sea Expert    Teaching your kids good health habits will help guide them to being healthy adults. Nutritious eating habits, daily movement, and key nutrients are fundamental elements to… Continue Reading >