How to Beat the Back to School Blues

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Effective Communication: Building Stronger Connections with Your Kids

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How to Cultivate Mindfulness in Children: The Little Potion Co’s Enchanting Journey into Mindful Magic

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The Benefits of Teaching Children Gardening from Toddlers to Preschoolers

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How to Bake Bread like a Pro

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Top 10 reasons you should get your toddler in a garden

By Flavia Fayet-Moore and Sinead Storch from    Who are our toddlers and preschoolers in 2022? Let us introduce you to Gen Alpha. Born in 2010 or later, they are the Millennials’ children and the first generation who will be… Continue Reading >

Unwrap Peace: 6 Tips for a Healthy Festive Season

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Separation Anxiety

It is natural for young children to feel anxious when saying goodbye. Even though separation anxiety is a normal stage of development it is very difficult to cope with. Being empathic to the child in supporting them through the anxiety… Continue Reading >

The 5 Lessons I’ve Learnt as a New Dad

By Joshua Cavanagh   As a first-time parent to a daughter of 7 months, I have found parenting to be a never-ending journey filled with highs, lows, ups, and downs. But, for the most part, it has been filled with… Continue Reading >

You Don’t Have to Feel Awkward

You don’t have to feel awkward when talking to someone with intellectual disability. Did you know that more often than not, you are more worried about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it, than the… Continue Reading >