Melanie McGrice

Melanie McGrice

It is a common habit for people to start their mornings without breakfast, however is this a healthy routine when you’re pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time of rapid growth; your baby and its organs are growing at a fast pace. To make sure healthy growth and development is happening during pregnancy, you and your baby require plenty of nutrients. Both vitamins and minerals have essential roles within the body, from transporting oxygen and nutrients around the body and to preventing and reducing the risk of neural tube defects. Breakfast is the perfect way to kickstart your day right with an abundance of healthy foods and nutrients.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is true during pregnancy! Studies have shown that women who skip breakfast (or even other meals) have a higher chance of preterm labour and other complications during pregnancy.

My recommendation…

I recommend that you start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, following up with regular meals throughout the day. Not only has this kickstarted your day, but also will help you curb those cravings for foods high in sugar and fat!

More reasons you should eat breakfast every morning:

  1. Avoiding morning sickness

The thought or sound of food early in the morning may be nauseating, but it may in fact improve your morning sickness. Starting your day with something small, simple and easy on your digestion can help settle your stomach. Choosing a banana or a piece of toast, and then moving onto your regular breakfast can help the morning sickness to pass.

  1. Maintains a steady blood glucose level

Eating a meal at breakfast time helps your body maintain a constant blood glucose level. This is important for both you and your baby’s health. If your blood glucose levels get too high, this increases your risk of developing gestational diabetes. Eating a healthy breakfast can reduce the complications and your chance of gestational diabetes.

  1. Reduces the risk of preterm labour

Again, it is important to eat breakfast to maintain steady blood glucose levels. Prolonged periods without eating causes your blood glucose levels to drop, increasing the risk of preterm labour due to your body not getting enough nutrients. Reducing your risk of preterm labour by eating a hearty, nutritious breakfast can also reduce the risk of complications with your baby.

  1. Avoid overeating

Skipping breakfast in the morning will leave you hungry and unsatisfied for the remainder of your day. Not eating a full meal in the morning will cause you to be hungrier towards the end of the day, reaching for high fat and sugary foods, as well as eating excessively. Eating breakfast in the morning will reduce the risk of overeating, which can contribute to weight gain and gestational diabetes.


Eating breakfast is essential for you and your baby’s health during pregnancy. You can easily avoid complications and gain an abundance of vitamins and minerals by eating a meal every morning! Start your day with a bang, full of nutrients – this can set you up for a day full of health and vitality.


For more information and ideas on what you can eat to start your day and how you can put together a healthy breakfast, check out my ‘Healthy Breakfast Recommendations for Pregnant Women’ video on my YouTube channel Nourish.




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