Relaxation Technique for Kids and Adolescents: Introducing Evolve Me Guided Imagery

A simple guided imagery form of meditation to help kids and adolescents move from a stressed to a relaxed state of mind in less than one minute. Stress is becoming more and more common not only for adults but also… Continue Reading >

10 Ways Mums Can Get a Better Nights Sleep

The key to better sleep for all of us is to acknowledge initially that sometimes, if not every night, we can get woken up by the kids and that this will have a bearing on our sleep. We need to… Continue Reading >

Getting your child back-to-school ready after the term break

By Jacqui Hunt, Head of Department, Occupational Therapy at Perth Children’s Hospital    As a parent, one of the most challenging times of the year is getting your child back into the school routine after the summer break. However, an… Continue Reading >

Why Regular Bedtime Is Crucial For Children

Getting children to bed at night isn’t just important for preserving the sanity of the parents.  It’s vital for the healthy development of young brains too. Researchers in the UK found a correlation between consistent bedtimes during early childhood and… Continue Reading >

Exercise tips after a baby

  Once you become a parent you’ll probably find that you have a lot less time for yourself let alone exercise than you did before your child. But you have goals such as weight loss or getting back into fitness… Continue Reading >

The Magic of Storytime: Enhancing Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

In the whirlwind of daily life with young children, moments of calm can feel few and far between. The reality of life with a little one is often overwhelming and exhausting, making the end-of-day routine a crucial time for winding… Continue Reading >

Navigating Toddlerhood: Six Essential Insights for Confident Parenting

Understanding these aspects of toddlerhood can help parents navigate this challenging yet rewarding stage of development with confidence and patience. 6 things to know about toddlers Exploration is Key: Toddlers are like little scientists, it is in their nature to… Continue Reading >

How to Beat the Back to School Blues

The holidays are over and school is back in session. While we, as parents, may be grateful for the return to routine and some peace and quiet, strangely enough, our kids may not share in our enthusiasm. Many kids become… Continue Reading >

How To Tackle Back To School Anxiety

Although the first day back at school, or even the first ever day at school, can be an exciting prospect for some children, adjustment difficulties are common. Anxious feelings are expected and normal in children returning to school, changing schools,… Continue Reading >

Getting the Kids Back to School… Smoothly

Your children have just had nearly 6 weeks off.  For some kids this might have been rather fun and exciting, they might have gone away on a holiday or been on a holiday program etc.  For those children in step… Continue Reading >