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B Minor

B Minor

B Minor Music is an award-winning child led music and movement program based in Melbourne and is facilitated by Bree who is an early childhood educator and trained performer.

Bree is passionate about children's development and creating an inclusive space during her music and movements experiences where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can learn and engage in a way that suits them best.

Her program is designed to educate and entertain children whilst fostering a love of performance.

Bree produces original music and music videos for her YouTube Channel to compliment her music program and is also a self-published author.

She has three children and is an advocate for children's rights and car seat safety.



Starting Solids

Solids So you’re starting to get the hang of life with a young baby, things all seem to be falling in to place and then your Maternal Child Health nurse tells you that it’s time to start solids. Some parents… Continue Reading >

Understanding Children’s Behaviour with Stephanie Wicker

As children grow and develop, parents can face many hurdles when it comes to their behaviour but it often doesn’t have to be that way. This is where having access to amazing resources such as Behaviour Consultant Stephanie Wicker from… Continue Reading >

Fun Snacks for Christmas Parties

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Preparing for a Newborn

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So do you feel like your child/children never listen?

Like most parents, I find that half the things I say to my children go in one ear and out the other or they do listen but decide not to do what I have asked so this is where I… Continue Reading >

Teething, the things you need to know

Teething, it’s like nature’s way of saying “you look like you need a challenge.” Common signs and symptoms of teething Excessive drooling Red cheeks Irritable Resisting food and wanting extra milk Pulling on ears Chewing on hands and anything else… Continue Reading >

Avoiding the Christmas Rush when shopping for your Children

Christmas is one of my favourite time of the year but I hate being in shopping centres during November and December when the mad rush is on so I have created a system that avoids this issue.   ***You can… Continue Reading >

Activities to enhance fine motor skills in children

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Five Party Games that every Guest will Love

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Five Children’s performance groups that the whole family will love

Music plays such an important role in everyone’s life. It can stir up emotions, help people to heal, educate people and take people back to a time and a place. This is why finding a children’s group that appeals to… Continue Reading >

Car seat safety for older children

There has been lots of talk about car seat safety after the recent and shocking story of an 11-year-old boy who became a quadriplegic after a head-on crash. Although the law states that children can sit in an adult seat… Continue Reading >

Fun places to visit in Melbourne when you just can’t brave the cold

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When your child asks, “How are babies made?”

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Toys and Gender

For many years retail stores have marketed toys and clothes to specific genders because it’s an easier way for them to reach their target buyers, but this has led to parents and often children feeling like they should only play… Continue Reading >

Friend In Me

Have you ever felt like you have missed out on a fun night out or experienced your children feeling left out when the party invites get handed out at Kinder or school? I have discovered the perfect event so that… Continue Reading >

School Readiness and what you need to know.

The decision about when your child should start school can be a hard one to make. Many people think that being school ready means that your child must know how to read and write but these skills are often secondary… Continue Reading >

Choosing childcare for your child

Choosing a childcare centre for your precious child can be a ridiculously hard process. You not only have to find a centre that suits your philosophy and child’s needs but also find some that has positions available. Things to look… Continue Reading >


When children bite, it tends to shock adults more than any other negative behaviour, however biting is common among young children and understanding the reason for your child’s biting is the first step in being able to help to change… Continue Reading >

Tackling fevers with Child Revive First Aid

Childhood illness and the odd accident is a given when bringing up children, therefore it’s important for parents to have their first aid up to date. When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt that it was vital… Continue Reading >

The importance of music and movement in childhood

Music is such a powerful tool. It is one of the few experiences that uses both sides of the brain at the same time, can be associated with memories, can be used as a form of therapy and let’s face… Continue Reading >

Tackling Tantrums

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child over the age of one, then it is most likely that you have experienced some epic tantrums and when they are in public, it can be the worst.   What… Continue Reading >

You’re doing a great job!!!!

Regardless of if you fell pregnant naturally, tried to get pregnant for years, used IVF, had help from a surrogate, adopted or are a single parent or step parent. Well done! You are doing a great job!   Regardless of… Continue Reading >

Favorite Parenting Advice

When we become parents, the world seems to bombard us with advice on just about everything. It can be very overwhelming but I have found that it is a great idea to listen to it all but only take on… Continue Reading >

The secret to a nit free life!

Nits, you’re scratching your head right now aren’t you? Just the thought of them makes me exhausted. During my eldests first year of school, she had FIVE cases of nits. It near broke us, but after months of reinfestation’s we… Continue Reading >

5 Top Sensory Experiences that can be Achieved within the Home

By stimulating your child’s senses, (touch, smell, taste, vestibular, proprioception, sight and hearing) you are helping them flourish in all areas of development. Sensory activities facilitate exploration and help children to make connections through their senses and the world in… Continue Reading >

Tips on choosing a name

Falling pregnant with my first child was the best feeling in the world. There was so much to think about and so many decisions to make but what I didn’t realize is that naming our baby was to be one… Continue Reading >

Fun Foods for Fussy Eaters

Most children go through a stage in their lives where they become fussy eaters. This often happens when the children’s growth has slowed down and they do not need to eat as much as they did previously. My eldest had… Continue Reading >

Car Seat Safety

When I was pregnant with my second child and excitedly upgraded my car, I deliberately chose a car with integrated booster seats as my eldest was soon to be four and I liked the idea of only having one car… Continue Reading >

What to do on rainy days?

I often hear parents asking for ideas on what to do when it’s raining. The answer is simple…play out in the rain!!!!!! Playing in the rain is not only fun but provides many benefits to children’s health and development. Jumping… Continue Reading >

Top Parenting Hacks from Bree, B Minor Music

This month I caught up with Bree Hanson, a Mother of 3 children aged under 7 who loves making music for children and delivers music classes in Childcare Centres, Kindergartens and Community Centres. Naturally, I  asked her about her music… Continue Reading >


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