B Minor

B Minor

Nits, you’re scratching your head right now aren’t you?
Just the thought of them makes me exhausted.
During my eldests first year of school, she had FIVE cases of nits. It near broke us, but after months of reinfestation’s we finally took on the advice that many people had been giving us and have not had a case since.

Before we start, let’s just clarify. Nits are lice eggs and the live little buggers are called Lice.


How to treat nits?

There are many ways to treat nits but I have found that the most effective way to treat them is with a nit treatment shampoo.
Follow the instructions on the box and then remove every single egg and lice from the hair.
I find that separating the hair into small sections and going through the hair using a nit comb and finger nails to remove the nits and lice works the best. (This can take hours but is better than missing some and having the cycle happen all over again).
Repeat the process again in seven days, just in case you have missed any and repeat every seven days until you don’t find any.


Do I have to wash everything?

It’s always a good idea to wash all pillow cases and bedding if you have enough energy after de nitting your child’s hair, but it’s not all that necessary.


Keeping Nits away forever!

Surely this is just something that parents of young children dream about right!

So many people kept on telling me that tea tree oil would keep those annoying nits at bay but I hate the smell of tea tree oil so much that I just couldn’t do it.
In a moment of desperation, I tried it and viola…I have never looked back. It actually worked.

Simply add a lid full of tea tree oil to water in a spray bottle and spray hair and tie it back every day.
It’s that simple. I would never have believed it but it has seriously worked for so many people.
The best part is that you can barely smell the tea tree oil and it costs next to nothing.

So there you have it, there really is an answer to a nit free life.


Further information and step-by-step guides to the “comb and conditioner” method can be found at:



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