B Minor

B Minor

Have you ever felt like you have missed out on a fun night out or experienced your children feeling left out when the party invites get handed out at Kinder or school?
I have discovered the perfect event so that no child will ever be left behind, and I want to spread the word.

One day the very beautiful Louise Larkin (Founder of West assured mums facebook page) was driving to work and heard about a little boy named Logan who had never been invited to a birthday before.

Fox FM put on a big party for the little man and she thought to herself, along with her mum’s support group – West Assured Mums that she could also put together an event for children who felt lonely, isolated, had been bullied and left behind. So Friend In Me was born.

The Friend In Me Party brings together children of all ages, nationalities and abilities to dance, play, sing, create and most importantly, make lifelong friends and memories they will cherish forever.

They host a major event once a year where they aim to have 1000 people attending, where guests can experience lots of fun and laughter which consists of entertainment, food trucks, amusements and so much more.

Their aim is to grow Friend In Me and have workshops in schools to teach children about social inclusion and teamwork so they have an early intervention of children feeling left behind.

Their main event for this year is being held on March 31st at Seaworks.

The huge party is catered mainly for 5-12 year-olds but anyone is welcome.

Their events always like to support associations and this year they are co-hosting with Melbourne’s West ASD Network which is an autism awareness association.

The money raised will also go to funding and building workshops and programmes in schools to teach about social inclusion and teamwork. They aim to see this as an early intervention to make sure no one is left behind.

The Friend In Me team are always looking for volunteers for all of their events and rely heavily on sponsors to ensure that the events are amazing and able to be inclusive to everyone’s needs.

They are always seeking people to believe in their association and fund them so that they can keep these events running and build their programmes.
If you know anyone who can help out or if you are interested in attending the event then contact friendinmeparty@gmail.com

If you see me there, come up and say hello.


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