B Minor

B Minor

I often hear parents asking for ideas on what to do when it’s raining.

The answer is simple…play out in the rain!!!!!!

Playing in the rain is not only fun but provides many benefits to children’s health and development.

Jumping in muddy puddles is great for gross motor skills, it gives you time to absorb much needed vitamin D which is great for the immune system and playing in the rain involves risk taking which is so important in children’s development.

  • But won’t my children get sick?

Children cannot get sick from playing in the rain, in fact you are more likely to be exposed to germs when everyone is stuck inside than if you were playing freely outdoors in the fresh air.

There is an old saying, “There is no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing” but that said, my children have played in the snow wearing tee-shirts and with bare feet without getting sick and often have a run around in the rain during the middle of winter wearing their bathers without any issues.

In my experience children can play outdoors wearing anything as long as they are dried off immediately after playing and kept warm once finished. (dry clothes and dry hair ASAP)

  • Surely not all weather is safe.

Although playing in the rain during a thunderstorm would be fun there are some types of weather that are not safe.

Any storms where lightning or dangerous winds are present are not safe for children to play in.

  • What do I need when playing in the rain?

If you want your children to remain as dry as possible, then gumboots, water proof pants and rain coat are recommended.

I personally recommend Muddlarks Bib and brace or their all in one suit to keep your children warm and dry during wet weather play.

If you are a bit braver then it is great to allow your children to play out in the rain without shoes as they can feel the mud squelch between their toes and the water splashing against their feet.

When they are finished, always have a towel ready to dry them off. It is best to get them out of their wet clothes as soon as they have finished and if possible give them a nice warm bath or shower which is the best feeling in the world after playing in the rain.

Important things to remember.

We are all waterproof, we will not break if we get wet and it is so much fun to just run around in the rain and be free of structure and purpose.

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