B Minor

B Minor

Falling pregnant with my first child was the best feeling in the world.

There was so much to think about and so many decisions to make but what I didn’t realize is that naming our baby was to be one of the hardest things that my partner of 21 years and I have had to face in our relationship to date.

By number three, we had a system in place that worked perfectly for us, so I thought I would share it with the world in hope that it might make the process easier for someone else.

So, here we go:

Write a list of names that you like. (I drew inspiration from googling names in the style I was after)

Swap the lists with the other parent who has done the same.

• Cross off the names that you don’t like, place a question mark next to ones that you don’t mind and circle the ones that you like, (if there are names that you have both got on your list, BONUS!)

Once you have shortlisted your names,

Make the chosen name/names rhyme with every word you can think of. (This is for the purpose of schoolyard shenanigans in the future)

Write down their full name and say it out loud as though it is a roll call or being called for a doctors appointment. (There are some name combinations that can become quite unfortunate or in our case, my middle child’s first and last name can be both a first name and last name which confuses almost every specialist we ever see)

Yell their name as if you are angry.

Call out their name loud as if you are calling them across a playground.

If you have multiples, say all of your children’s names together to make sure they work together.

If you still like the name/names

Think about how you spell their name/names, (if you are going to change the traditional spelling, think about how they will feel if they have to constantly spell their name to everyone.)

If the name is uncommon, is it easy to pronounce based on spelling alone? Will they constantly have to correct people on the pronunciation?

Can the name be shortened and if so do you mind if they get called by that name?

Is it a common name? Think about how they will feel if there are others in their class with the same name and get referred to as their first name and last initial for the rest of their school days.

Is it an unusual name? How will your child cope with a name that people might make fun of due to it being unusual?

Finally, good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!

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