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B Minor

Music is such a powerful tool. It is one of the few experiences that uses both sides of the brain at the same time, can be associated with memories, can be used as a form of therapy and let’s face it, it can be really fun to sing and dance to.

By immersing children in musical conversations through singing, speaking, moving expressively or playing musical instruments can help children grow in every area of development.

Children can explore concepts such as rhythm, beats and tones through using basic percussion instruments such as shakers, tone blocks, triangles, tapping sticks, drums and tambourines.

Through music, children can also learn about many things including body parts, animals, math concepts such as counting forwards and backwards, or subtraction and addition when adding or subtracting objects during songs such as five cheeky monkeys swinging from a tree and five fat sausages sizzling in a pan.


When dancing to music with actions such as jumping, hopping and skipping, it can help children to further develop their gross motor skills. They can also practise their fine motor skills by joining in actions songs such as Incy Wincy Spider and the dreaded, but oh so popular, Daddy Finger Daddy Finger song.

Music is also the perfect way to develop language skills in children. Through repetition and mimicking the words, children become familiar with the rhythm of conversations and over time they are able to place a meaning to these words.

Attending music classes or being involved in group times in Childcare and Kindergarten settings is also a valuable social and emotional experience as it is a place where children can practise turn taking, following directions and let their imagination soar. This can also be achieved at home.

Lastly, music has a very rich cultural history as many traditions are based around music and dance. It has the ability to bring people together to create beautiful memories.
Music is the language of the world and should be shared with everyone.


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