As a busy single mum who’s often juggling ninety-seven thousand things at once…. (Well, that’s what it sometimes feels like at least)…. I know exactly how tough it can be to keep your motivation beaming day, after day, after day, to exercise and eat really well! There are some really simple things you can do to stay on the right track though!

After decades of yo-yo dieting (& having to lose between 30-40 kilos on at LEAST 3 occasions), I realised that managing good health, was similar to managing any other significant project or goal. (I’m a corporate escapee too, with years of management experience tucked away in my little treasure box of gifts to share, so I can really draw a strong comparison between the two).

Although I apply a whole range of strategies to keep myself motivated to move and eat really well, these are by far, my 5 best tips EVER!



  1. Have Written SMART Goals & Visualise them Often:

Writing down your Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-Based goals underpins your success in any aspect of your life. It focuses your attention & sets in motion the actions required for a new reality. Visualise yourself actually working towards the achievement of your goals. Your brain can’t distinguish between what is real & what is imagined, so the more you visualise, the more real it is in your mind, therefore making it easier to action it in reality.


  1. Prioritise / Schedule / Lock it into the Diary:

My workout time is just as important as the time I invest in my clients. My workout time is prioritised just like any other important activity. When it’s written in my diary, it’s a visual cue & constant reminder that I am committed to maintaining my own health.


  1. Have a Program:

Knowing what you’re going to do once you get to the gym is just as important as actually getting to the gym in the first place!! Even if you’re exercising at home, having a set program for each workout day reduces ‘wasted time’ umm’ing & ahh’ing about what to do next…. & it also allows you to develop, improve & progress over a period of time, thus acting as a motivator in itself. The program should be reviewed every 4 to 6 weeks to challenge the body as well as add variety and relieve boredom.


  1. Crank the Tunes!!

Having your favourite tunes to work out to, makes exercise ‘fun’. Just lose yourself in the beat! It can make you lift heavier, run faster or stretch for longer…. all depending upon what you’ve got on your playlist. You can completely immerse yourself in ‘you’ & how your body feels because you’re completely oblivious to what’s going on around you!


  1. Reward Yourself:

A healthy, balanced life isn’t about eliminating every form of pleasure, but it is about sensible control and moderation. If you can’t live without a daily cappuccino, do an extra km on the bike before you allow yourself to have it. If chocolate is your thing, allow yourself to indulge if you’ve hit your target number of workout days that week. Look forward to your treat & savour it mindfully whilst thinking about the great time you had working out!



Still, Need an Extra Boost?

If you really find it challenging to stay motivated and these tips don’t fire you up (because of course, we’re all unique individuals)…. I’ve got a whole collection of strategies tucked away, so let’s chat soon about the ways I can give you a boost!


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