Be Careful How You Speak to Your Children

As parents we are often under a lot of pressure to keep the proverbial plates spinning in the air. Many times, in our efforts to get everything done, we don’t pay enough attention to how we speak to our children…. Continue Reading >

How to build relationships so that kids will listen: 8 things to do

As psychologists, we often say that kids need connection before correction. That means parents need to connect with them before they can start the process of trying to change behaviour (the correction part). And it’s true – that connection with… Continue Reading >

Did I give my child ADHD? Answers to parent’s top 5 questions.

Many parents ask this question – so if you’re asking it, you’re not alone. It’s common for parents to ask either if they’ve passed down ADHD, or whether their parenting style has caused their child to develop ADHD. These are… Continue Reading >

Learning Difficulties in Primary School

Leanne Tran   Children can have difficulties learning at school for a range of different reasons. There is a wide range of normal learning and some children take longer to get there, but are still a learning within normal expectations…. Continue Reading >

6 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Brain Power Whilst at Home

Two years ago, no-one could have predicted we would be in the grips of a pandemic nor that daily routines would be totally upended. Not only are millions of parents working from home, but they have the added responsibility of… Continue Reading >

How to Stop Fear Holding You Back

Imagine that every day when you hop into your car, you start to imagine the worst-case scenario unfolding. You focus on all the negative risks: the potential car accidents, the speeding fines, an airbag blowing up by mistake, or a… Continue Reading >

How pet ownership can help your child’s development

If you have grown up with a pet, you know of the joy and companionship they can provide, becoming a very prominent and loved member of the family. Alongside the joy pets bring comes a world of responsibility. While some… Continue Reading >

COVID-19: Supporting Children with Autism

All children and young people need support from adults during times of stress and uncertainty, including during the coronavirus pandemic. This is a challenging time for many people and this uncertainty is a significant source of anxiety, particularly for children… Continue Reading >

5 ways for new parents to keep the intimacy alive in their relationship

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How To Make STEM Exciting

Media kindly brought to you by Professor Plums Nerd: by definition, the oxford dictionary characterises this as someone who is ‘Unfashionable and socially inept or boringly studious.’ Undoubtedly this conception can be seen as being discourteous and disrespectful. What is… Continue Reading >