Curious but not Critical: Strategies for Calm Parenting

By Deb Hopper, Occupational Therapist   It’s one of those mornings. Your six-year-old is still wandering around half-dressed after you’ve told him to get ready at least a dozen times. Your eight-year-old is dressed, but is glued to the TV… Continue Reading >

Why is Tummy Time so Important?

Tummy time is one of the most important activities you can do with your new baby. Tummy time is best started from birth and in the early days it may be on your chest when you are lying down. Your… Continue Reading >

Stop Saying “No” To Get Your Child to Listen Better

Ever feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of, no? “No Sammy, get down from there” “No Imogen put that down” “No hitting” “No, no, no, no, NO!” It is incredibly easy to get stuck in this loop,… Continue Reading >

Fostering Childhood Independence

Children love being independent. We see this when babies try to spoon-feed themselves, toddlers demand to dress themselves and pre-schoolers want to help with household chores. Young children love to do things for themselves even when it makes life harder… Continue Reading >

Separation anxiety: An essential guide for parents

Media kindly brought to you by Goodstart Early Learning   Nervous about your child starting at an early learning centre or kindergarten? Many parents are. Below are some tips from a psychologist, to ensure it’s a smooth transition for your… Continue Reading >

Thought Management

Believe it or not, there is an explanation for our thought patterns and ways to manage them.  We are going to answer three questions that will help us to understand thoughts and how to control them. What causes negative thoughts… Continue Reading >

Dealing with big emotions from little people: strategies to help your child harness their emotions

Media kindly brought to you by Jellystone Designs   Picture this: your toddler is attending a friend’s birthday party, and as the afternoon winds up, you tell them to say their goodbyes, because “it’s time to go”. These four simple… Continue Reading >

Strategies that People can Incorporate into their Daily Routines to Support their Emotional Wellbeing

Jaimie Bloch, Australian Clinical Psychologist When approaching wellbeing, it is important to focus on the mind, body and soul all together. Here are my top tips to help you approach each of these this spring: Routine is your best friend:… Continue Reading >

Strategies to stay sane with a newborn

No matter how exciting it is to be a parent the constant care of a newborn can absolutely drain you. The addition of a new baby to the family can be a huge adjustment for everyone. A whole day can… Continue Reading >

Battling Lockdown Fatigue: Three Strategies to Bolster our Resilience

by Dr Tom Brunzell, Director of Education,  Berry Street Victoria   All parents have come to know the feeling well—the nervous stomach and in-take of breath each morning when checking the news. One day it’s relief that no news is… Continue Reading >