Is my child the bully in school?

Is my child the bully? Dealing with bullying is an unfortunate fact of life for many children, and it can be equally distressing for parents. As the latest instalment in our Real Conversations series, we will tackle how to identify… Continue Reading >

5 Mindfulness Tools to Combat Anxiety

Children and young people experiencing anxiety can feel both physical and emotional symptoms  including: racing heart beat rapid breathing being teary and irritable being sweaty and breathless ‘butterflies’ in your stomach pains and discomfort in your body. For some children… Continue Reading >

Stop Saying “No” To Get Your Child to Listen Better

Ever feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle of, no? “No Sammy, get down from there” “No Imogen put that down” “No hitting” “No, no, no, no, NO!” It is incredibly easy to get stuck in this loop,… Continue Reading >

Shifting Your Mindset in Parenting 

Something I’ve really learnt over the past (almost!) two years as a mother, is that my mindset really dictates so much of how each day plays out.  I can easily get stuck in a mindset of “this is so hard, I… Continue Reading >

Fostering Healthy Family Relationships

Here are some tips and advice for fostering healthy family relationships: Communication is Key: Open, honest communication is the foundation of healthy family dynamics. Encourage family members to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a respectful and constructive manner…. Continue Reading >

Top 10 tips to ease your child’s separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among children of all ages. It’s the normal fear expressed when removed from their mothers or caregivers. It starts as early as 7 months and continues, but we can help ease out that feeling as early… Continue Reading >

How to Beat the Back to School Blues

The holidays are over and school is back in session. While we, as parents, may be grateful for the return to routine and some peace and quiet, strangely enough, our kids may not share in our enthusiasm. Many kids become… Continue Reading >

What makes someone a SAFE adult

What makes someone a SAFE adult? Have you ever contemplated this question before? You would be surprised at the number of people who haven’t.  It’s probably because it’s not something our parents openly discussed, it’s not something we have grown up discussing… Continue Reading >

How to get Your Child to Listen Without Shouting, Bribing or Giving In

At some point every parent is likely to struggle to get their child to listen to them. Do you ever feel like you have to constantly shout in order to get your message across, perhaps you have started offering treats… Continue Reading >

How to prevent grooming and abuse

Preventing and protecting your child from abuse is not as hard as it might seem. In fact, it’s actually quite simple. In my experience, talking with kids about their abuse as a Specialist Child Interviewer in the Police gave me… Continue Reading >