Kiddipedia is thrilled to introduce a new partnership to our Kiddi-community!

We welcome, Dad’s Group Inc.

A bit similar to mum’s groups, it is a non-profit organisation committed to connecting new Dads. Thus, it helps improve men’s health, prevents family violence and reduce isolation and suicide. They partner with community organisations, sponsors and councils to start and support new Dads groups out there in different suburbs, through events that allow new fathers to meet.

  1. When and how did Dad’s Group all came about?

Dads Group Inc (DGI)  was started by Tom and Kate Docking who discovered in 2014 there was limited to no support for new fathers at a national level. They began designing a scalable program for new dads to connect with other local dads with their babies: a bit similar to mum’s groups.

  1. What can you say to struggling Dads out there looking for support?

My Dad always said “a problem shared is a problem halved”. This has been exceptionally real for me in becoming a new father. There was no simple manual for new dads and it’s now normal not to know anyone in your suburb. So all of a sudden I found myself isolated in a city of three million people with a new fulltime job ‘being a father’ on top of my other full time job. All of this with no sleep, and no time for friends (who lived on the other side of town).

Finding some local new dads changed everything. We all realised that we all had similar problems but more importantly found we had similar joys to share with the life changing transition into parenthood. A baby will change a man forever and whilst we won’t admit it to everyone, dads want to share their excitement with other dads who understand the miracle of life.

Now that hundreds of other new fathers who have connected with DGI events it’s proven that this program helps fathers and families build safe resilient communities.

You’ll be surprised at just how much a coffee with a couple of other new dads will do to your perspective on life, we think its revolutionary.

  1. What does Dad’s Group want to accomplish?

Our vision is for dads and their kids to create their own safe, healthy, fun, sustainable community network wherever they live and be equipped with the knowledge of who can help them before they reach personal hardship or tragedy.

Dad’s Group Inc is a not-for- profit community organisation committed to connecting new Dads, thereby improving men’s health, preventing family violence and reducing isolation and suicide. We partner with sponsors, councils and community organisations, to start and support new Dads Groups in different suburbs, through events that allow new fathers to meet.

  1. What will you be able to share to our Kiddi-Community?

Access to father related resources, services, and events to connect with other fathers in the local community.

  1. What has been the greatest achievement of Dad’s Group so far?

Dads Group Inc has established around 30-40 dads groups around Australia, together with people and organisations connected to each dads group.