Baby Solids – Food and Menu Ideas

Part 2 on Introducing Solids. Written by Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics Twitter #BaysideDietetic FB Bayside Dietetics Instagram @baysidedietetics Let me start by keeping your baby safe and growing well. Avoid nuts and other hard foods to reduce risk… Continue Reading >

Gut Health for Kids

By Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics Have you heard the one about the adult who was cured of fatigue and tummy pain by making sure their gut was “healthy”? Kids can have these symptoms too but may struggle to communicate… Continue Reading >

How to Build a Healthy Lunchbox

School is back in session which means we have a whole term of packing lunch boxes ahead of us. From meeting school requirements to finding something your kids will actually eat and won’t take you a 1hr to pack –… Continue Reading >

Little changes parents can make to improve their children’s vegetable consumption

Children are not consuming enough vegetables. In fact, only 6% of children aged 2-17 years of age eat the recommended amount, according to a recent data from the Australian Health Surveys.  As a parent with two young kids, I understand… Continue Reading >

Fussy Eaters and how a dietitian can help

Authors: Stella Boyd-Ford and Emily Easman   Mealtimes can often be stressful for some parents and when a child refuses food or demands alternative meals, parents may become frustrated or concerned that their child is not eating enough. When children… Continue Reading >

Easter: Healthier alternatives to chocolate treats

When people think ‘Easter foods’ they think chocolate eggs and sweet snacks – but it doesn’t have to be that way. With approximately 27% of Aussie kids are considered overweight, it’s more important now than ever that we teach our kids… Continue Reading >

A Dietitian’s guide to indulging this Easter; finding a healthy balance for your kids.

All commentary to be attributed to Marianne Hudson, MACROS Dietitian and Food Specialist   With Easter just around the corner, you’re likely already planning the long weekend activities, and no doubt your holiday will be featuring chocolate and treats of… Continue Reading >

How to have a healthier Easter and avoid (some of) the chocolate binge

By Endeavour College Nutrition Instructor and Nutritionist Sophie Scott who designs short online courses on nutrition for Endeavour Short Courses: Start the day right –  You’re less likely to stock up on Easter chocolate and buns if you’ve had… Continue Reading >

6 Expert Tips for a Healthy Easter

From clinical nutritionist, blogger and author Jess Sepel Easter is traditionally a time for overindulging in chocolate eggs or other sweet treats, however this year there’s an even bigger focus on being with loved ones and looking after the wellbeing… Continue Reading >

Tips for a healthier Easter

As the Easter bunny hops its way into households very soon, there are many eager children anticipating a delicious dose of chocolate eggs and treats. Alongside the joy this can bring, it can also raise concerns for parents on how… Continue Reading >