5 reasons why your family food garden doesn’t survive

By Becky Searles, founder of Family Garden Life. A garden lover who adores helping parents connect with their families in nature. https://familygardenlife.com/ https://m.facebook.com/familygardenlife   I mean how hard can it be right? Don’t you just put a seedling in the… Continue Reading >

Connecting Beyond a Digital World

Almost everyone knows how to live a healthy life. Eat vegetables, get good sleep, move our bodies, and be kind. Most of us also know the digital world doesn’t replace the need for in-person interactions. But what do we do… Continue Reading >

Staying Connected with your Kids!!

Staying connected with your kids sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But with the crazy demands of modern-day life, combined with children that mostly respond to queries about their day in monosyllables, we sometimes find that we are only skimming the… Continue Reading >

Helping Children Overcome Worry

I remember growing up I was what you’d call a “worry wart” because I’d worry about all sorts of trivial things. But today that’s not the case. I actually worry about very little! In fact, now you could call me… Continue Reading >

5 Ways to Connect with Your Child Today

This month it is time to focus on connections. Before the crazy of Christmas descends. ‘Cause us mums are busy, busy, busy little bees. Focused on the tasks that keep the family running, the kids fed, the house semi-clean. But… Continue Reading >

4 Essential Ingredients for a Smooth Transition to Motherhood

Like all transitions, motherhood marks a changing of the season. The old pre-baby season makes way for the start of a profound new journey as a family. And the early days of the motherhood season is one of the most… Continue Reading >

Kiddipedia Welcomes Dad’s Group Inc

Kiddipedia is thrilled to introduce a new partnership to our Kiddi-community! We welcome, Dad’s Group Inc. A bit similar to mum’s groups, it is a non-profit organisation committed to connecting new Dads. Thus, it helps improve men’s health, prevents family violence and… Continue Reading >