Ways to Help out the Grandparents who Help with Regular Childcare

  Written by Alice Zsembery The coming of a New Year for parents of preschoolers signifies many things; a start (or new room) at childcare, negotiation of days at work and/or juggling kinder hours. For so many of us, this… Continue Reading >

How To Tackle Back To School Anxiety

Although the first day back at school, or even the first ever day at school, can be an exciting prospect for some children, adjustment difficulties are common. Anxious feelings are expected and normal in children returning to school, changing schools,… Continue Reading >

On a tight budget? 5 easy ways to support Home Reading

By Susan Spelic   With childcare fees through the roof and the increasing cost of living, families are faced with the dilemma of how juggle bills, while accessing quality reading materials for their kids. With the holiday season fast approaching… Continue Reading >

Early Years Support Guide

Original article can be seen on Rainbow Families   Rainbow Families Early Years Support Guide is the result of collaboration between Rainbow Families and writer, Jacqui Tomlins.  The Guide has been developed in response to ongoing requests for information from… Continue Reading >

School Support Guide

Researched and written by Jacqui Tomlins Original Article can be seen on Rainbow Families    Rainbow Families School Support Guide is the result of collaboration between Rainbow Families and writer, Jacqui Tomlins.  The Guide has been developed in response to… Continue Reading >

5 Things to AVOID when doing Art with your Children

The definition of art is very dynamic, however, the Oxford Dictionary describes it as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily… Continue Reading >

Only For Me

Only For Me is a beautiful 32 page picture book, designed to gently teach children that their body is private and that they have a right to protect their privacy.

Aussie Allergy Mum

Aussie Allergy Mum helps parents with kids with allergies get comfortable with their new reality. We provide workshops, courses, coaching and other support to families living with allergies, focusing on nutrition and emergency readiness.

We have great news, Positive Mind Works is here!

Online counselling is providing mental health counselling services through the internet. Typically, the services offered are via real-time chat, video conferencing and email. Some clients have preferred online counselling in replacement for office visits. Clients can receive initial treatment and… Continue Reading >

Kiddipedia Welcomes Dad’s Group Inc

Kiddipedia is thrilled to introduce a new partnership to our Kiddi-community! We welcome, Dad’s Group Inc. A bit similar to mum’s groups, it is a non-profit organisation committed to connecting new Dads. Thus, it helps improve men’s health, prevents family violence and… Continue Reading >