As the seasons change from the festive, light-filled and warm summer days to the lingering darkness in the cooler mid-autumn days, can you feel a shift?

Are you getting a sense of wanting to go inwards? To examine the quiet? To reconnect?

Autumn is the time of harvest, of reaping the benefits of all your efforts in the spring and summer months. It is a celebration period. But as the days move ever so quickly to winter, can you feel a calling for quiet?

If you heed the call for reconnection – with yourself, with your shadow, with your children, with your partner, with loved ones – where you do you start?

4 ideas to help you reconnect

Start in nature. Pull on those warmer clothes and head to the forest. Nature is full of wonder and intrigue, vibrant colours, rich and complex scents. These are things that are full of enchantment, yet also heal and soothe. Just 20 minutes in nature is proven to relax. It calms us. It helps us find clarity and purpose. Your children will also love rewilding and connecting, letting the treasure trove of nature become inspiration for their play.

Spend time with you. As the days become darker and cooler it’s a wonderful opportunity to explore what nurtures your mind, body and soul. While summer is a time of outward pleasure, use this time for inward pleasure. When you have some precious moments to yourself, away from the demands of motherhood, try expressing your creativity. Listen to your feelings. Journal the ideas that come to you. Autumn is a perfect time to plant seeds that will ripen and blossom in warmer months.

Nurture your body and soul. You may feel less inclined to follow an exercise program as the days get shorter and cooler, but now is a great time to nurture your body. Find activities that encourage you to go deeper: hikes in nature, yoga and dance. Or you may even consider taking your catch-ups and meetings outdoors and walk and talk – connect on a different level with your friends, children, colleagues and associates.

It’s also a wonderful time to explore the foods that warm and nurture your body and soul. Unleash your creativity with seasonal autumn vegetables.

Stay under the covers. If sometimes you feel the urge in the mornings to stay under the covers, then stay under the covers. If someone else is with you under the covers – soak them in. Enjoy them. Reconnect with them. If you’re half-asleep and half-awake, use this time to appreciate. Appreciate all the good in your life. Appreciate all the people you love. Appreciate the fact that you even have the choice to stay under the covers.

Autumn and winter is the time for deepening. Soon enough the days will get longer, light will become brighter and you’ll have that spring back in your step. But for now, appreciate and love the feeling of going inwards.

It’s time to reconnect.

It’s time to nurture and restore and heal and nourish.

Enjoy it. Like all the seasons, it’s fleeting and temporary – so feel the shift and go deep. The deepening will plant seeds that will ripen in spring.

It’s all part of the plan of the changing seasons.


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