The importance of Sensory play for childhood development

By Madison Birmili Occupational Therapist at Youthrive The human body consists of 7 sensory systems each play a critical role in the development of a child into adulthood. The 7 senses consist of touch, smell, taste, sight, sound, movement (vestibular)… Continue Reading >

Baby sensory activities you can do at home: A guide for new parents.

By Sarah James   Many babies born in 2021 missed out on important interactive and social experiences such as play groups, mothers groups and baby sensory classes due to Covid-19. Don’t worry Mum and Dad – your baby doesn’t have to miss… Continue Reading >

10 Benefits of Play

Play has a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional, and social health benefits. It is far from being a light-hearted, purposeless activity, play is crucial to the development of our physical bodies and brains, as well as our social and… Continue Reading >

Sleep Training: The benefits for you and your baby…

Sleep glorious sleep; never will these words hit home more than when you have a newborn baby and you long for uninterrupted sleep. For babies, sleep is vital for growth and development, which is why they sleep so much, but… Continue Reading >

Physical Activity in the Early Childhood

As parents we understand the importance of physical activity in the early years of our children’s lives. From their first wobbly steps to climbing on the playground, movement is not just a natural inclination but a vital component of their… Continue Reading >

Why is choosing the right maternity clothing important?

Media kindly brought to you by Bae The Label   Pregnancy is a miraculous journey that can bring about a wealth of changes to both our body and mind. During this beautiful time, our bodies undergo significant changes to support… Continue Reading >

Benefits of being a fit and active parent

Let’s face it…. regardless of whether you’ve got one child, or a whole tribe of kids…. once they become mobile, you need to be on your toes and on the ready at all times! Not only are kids constantly on… Continue Reading >

Why children need to play – a teachers perspective

Being a teacher is not uncommon today to have a child in your class who is busier than you. They are at before school care at 7:30 am every morning, thrown into a range of structured activities, then into a… Continue Reading >

3 Ways Journaling Can Benefit Your Child

Writing in a journal can help your child to communicate their emotions and ideas, process their feelings and build up their writing skills. It encourages children to write things down to recount daily activities and any feelings surrounding these. It… Continue Reading >

Empowering Infants: 5 Incredible Benefits of Learning Baby Sign Language 

Unlock the world of early communication with baby sign language, which has emerged as a  transformative tool for parents and their infants. In this blog post, we delve into the many advantages of learning baby sign language from a certified… Continue Reading >