Activity Ideas to Engage Children in Learning about Polar Bears

One of our favourite environmental celebration days to engage children in is International Polar Bear Day, held annually on 27th February. This coincides with the time when polar bear mums and cubs are snug in their dens. The focus is… Continue Reading >

Valentine’s Gifts that Keep on Giving

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it a celebration that you look forward to each year? Well, I used to before kids. Now after three kids, it is a lot harder to be spontaneously romantic, or at the very least… Continue Reading >

Surviving Mother’s Day without your mum

Surviving Mother’s Day when you no longer have your mum can be one of life’s toughest experiences. What was once a beautiful day for togetherness and celebration often becomes the very opposite: no public display of love, cards and flowers…. Continue Reading >

Family Tips for St Patrick’s Day Celebration

St Patrick’s Day may be known more for its beer than its family friendly activities but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day of fun with the kids. From silly costumes to baking treats try these St Patrick’s Day… Continue Reading >

Badass Mums

For centuries women have had to tackle the myths surrounding motherhood. From the Madonna figure sacrificing everything for the child to the dutiful housewife juggling chores, mothers have always been expected to put themselves last. But in 2019 it’s about… Continue Reading >

Salute to Working Mums

  Leisa Papa How did you achieve what you have now as a working mum I remember the day I went on Maternity leave. I was working as a Business Advisor for a large Pharmaceutical company and I was really… Continue Reading >

Do We Really Need Valentine’s Day?

Do we really need a special day to profess our love with some grand gesture complete with jewelry, flowers, chocolates or even some specialty, purpose designed, hardly practical but unusually interesting underwear? Valentine’s day has its origins in the Roman… Continue Reading >

World Chocolate Day on 7th July

Calling all chocolate lovers, the day has finally come! World Chocolate Day is happening on 7 July and it’s time to indulge in one of the world’s most beloved sweets, guilt-free. In honour of the celebration, family-owned company Mayver’s have proved not… Continue Reading >

No-bake Peach Melba Cheesecake

With summer in full swing, the entertaining season isn’t quite over yet and we have the perfect recipe for you! This mouth-watering No-Bake Peach Melba Cheesecake from CSR Sugar is great for any celebration and can be whipped up in… Continue Reading >

Allergies and Special Occasions

Allergies and special occasions can be quite a minefield, for both the allergy sufferer and for everyone around them. This Christmas, I encourage everyone to step back and consider how they can help make sure that allergy kids are included… Continue Reading >