Practical and Fun things to do with your kids this school holidays

Get them to be active Struggling to burn off your kids energy? The Ninja Parc Indoor Obstacle Course may be just what you need. These school holidays, Ninja Parc will be running a School Holidays Program which means 3 hours of supervised playtime, allowing you to… Continue Reading >

5 waste free ways to wrap gifts

Everyone loves unwrapping a gift on Christmas day, however this can produce a lot of waste. It is estimated over 8,000 tons of wrapping paper is used and discarded every year which is equivalent to approximately 50,000 trees. Instead of… Continue Reading >

Motivated To Learn From Home; According To Your Child’s Nature

Completing school work at home can be exhausting especially with the bribing, pushing and pleading. Not to mention the worrying thoughts that you’re not being the best stay-at-home, work-from-home, parent-teacher-mum during lock-down. When you recognise the Nature of your child,… Continue Reading >

Loving children loving nature

Young children start life with an affinity for our natural world, instinctively seeking out the company of animals, birds, trees, rocks, shells and places as their special companions and friends. Physically experiencing our world, through encounters with tadpoles, wind, rock… Continue Reading >

Calm in a Crisis

By: Jane Kilkenny   When we are subjected to an event that creates high levels of stress we can control the level of impact we sustain. Biologically our fight or flight response will kick in if there is imminent risk… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Raising a Resilient Child

The nature of children’s health around the world is changing. There is now a ‘new morbidity’ occurring, with obesity, mental health conditions, self-harm and suicide taking centre stage. Having worked as a teacher and guidance counsellor for the past 25… Continue Reading >

6 Activities to do with the Kids when it’s Hot Outside

Whilst many people like the cooler months, my favourite time of year is when it is warm and sunny. The ability to be outside in the environment and experiencing nature first hand with the kids is so enjoyable. However, the… Continue Reading >

Feeling the vibes…what nature gave us to keep us all close.

This is an explanation of the phenomena of how nature really is supporting the connections in the early days in particular between a mum and their newborn baby. You are tired, exhausted, you have never known sleep deprivation as severe… Continue Reading >

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Children that Won’t Cost the Earth

Written by Alice Zsembery   Christmas is barrelling towards us and, whilst you may find yourself saying that there is nothing that the kids NEED this year, inevitably, somehow you also end up finding yourself wandering around the toy stores… Continue Reading >

Do You Crave Silence?

Can you work with kids yelling and screaming? Are you able to get things done when kids are playing and making so much noise? I can’t and I actually hate it. Yep, I’m a mum to three kids that cannot… Continue Reading >