Whilst many people like the cooler months, my favourite time of year is when it is warm and sunny. The ability to be outside in the environment and experiencing nature first hand with the kids is so enjoyable.

However, the heat this summer has been extreme at times and it feels easier to sit in front of the TV in the cool of the aircon. If you can get outside in the cooler parts of the day you can still get the benefits of outdoor play for the kids.

I have come up with a list of our favourite activities to do when it is warm outside. Take a look below and let me know your favourite.

  1. Sprinkler Fun

Kids generally love getting wet and taking advantage of the warm weather makes that possible.

Set up the sprinkler in the backyard and let them run loose under it. Try to stick to the morning or late afternoon to avoid being in the sun right in the middle of the day. Sunscreen and hats at all times as well.

  1. Icy Discoveries

This one can be done inside or outside, but with the melting water it may be best outside.

In small containers freeze little toys such as dinosaur figurines, toy cars and lego pieces. Once they are frozen hard pop out of the container and give to your little one along with a few paint brushes, plastic knives and sticks.

Let them chip away at the ice brick to release the toy inside. You can even put some food colouring in the water before freezing so that the toy inside is kept a surprise until they get to it.

  1. Bubbles

There is something magical about bubbles. They bring smiles every time they come out.

Playing with bubbles is a great activity for any age. Younger children can catch the bubbles that you blow, while older children can compete to see who can create the biggest bubbles. You do not need to buy expensive bubble solution, simply mix washing up liquid with water to create the magic.

  1. Bushwalk

On the days where it is warm and the sun is shining, take advantage of it by going for a little bush walk. There are plenty of beginner tracks around that are suitable for younger children and depending on the area you are in there may even be waterholes along the way where you can stop for a quick swim.

A bush walk gives you all a chance to be out in the natural environment, learn about the different plants and animals and feel like a real-life Dora the Explorer.

  1. Chalk Drawing

Another favourite for outside is chalk drawing.

Grab a tub of thick chalk pieces and let the masterpieces begin. A great activity to do whilst drawing with chalk is to place an object on the concrete in the direction where a shadow is created from the sun. Have your little one draw around the shadow and recreate the piece.

Once you are finished you can simply hose it all off, no mess!

  1. Gardening

Gardening is fun and educational for all ages. If you do not already have a small garden or herb garden use this opportunity to start making one with the kids. Let them choose the plants to put in it and get them involved in the whole process.

They can then tend to their garden each day. The look on their faces when they have flowers or vegetables ready to pick will be priceless.

There is so much to do outside when the weather is warm. If you are experiencing extreme heat, most of these activities can still be done early in the day, late afternoon or under a shady spot.

Remember to be equipped with sunscreen, hats and plenty of water before you start your activities.

Enjoy your time with your little ones out and about in the sunshine.


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