Fresh produce we’re loving this Autumn

The change of season means a whole new range of fresh fruit and veggies are at their prime! Produce that’s in season is often fresher, yummier and cheaper because it’s in plentiful supply, harvested at the right time of year… Continue Reading >

Three Easy Autumn Breakfasts that nail the balance between food joy and nutrition

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics or Facebook page Bayside Dietetics   So we seemed to have missed summer, but autumn can be the best time of year anyway. Sunny days. Colours in the trees. Unique seasonal produce. If… Continue Reading >

Creative Activities for Kids 

Have you been struggling for new ideas to keep kids occupied?   The following three activities allow your child/children to test their creativity, problem solving, show their artistic side and have some outdoor adventures. These activities are for young children and my little… Continue Reading >

4 Ways to Reconnect this Autumn

As the seasons change from the festive, light-filled and warm summer days to the lingering darkness in the cooler mid-autumn days, can you feel a shift? Are you getting a sense of wanting to go inwards? To examine the quiet?… Continue Reading >