Validation – this word came up so much this week when I was in clinic listening to the mums and dads. Parents seeking out that they are doing a great job. Sometimes it was just a matter of reassuring them that everything was fine and that they were doing an amazing job of raising their equally amazing child.


If you are reading this now…take this as validation that YOU ARE ENOUGH. If all that you can muster today is to get up out of bed,  hug your kids, tell them you love them, then feed them party pies because that is all you have in the freezer, then that is enough in that moment.


Mums and dads around the world…we are doing our best and all that we can in any given moment.


Ahh…The mother guilts, they are alive and strong…and I know that they are in my world at this very moment. I really want everyone to know, that even professionals in parenting, are not always holding it together. Even though we supposedly have all the answers, tips and knowledge for our clients…we don’t always know what we are doing every day!


I am writing this through tears today. Saying that out loud is vulnerability at its finest!! I know that I am behind in so many of my to-do tasks, but today I made it a priority that I would spend the first moments with my kids before ticking off some of my long overdue tasks. Somehow the kids energise and give me the hope that I need that I can make it through this. As can we all. Somehow, through the power of the universe, I collated all my happy thoughts that I know are inside my mind somewhere, that clearly just decided to take a vacation for a bit…and say to myself I AM ENOUGH. I AM WORTHY. I CAN DO THIS.


I want to send a massive virtual hug to every parent reading this today…and I was to ask you to reach out and find your bliss. Find that little voice inside your head that I know is in there, say to yourself…I AM beautiful, I AM amazing, I AM a wonderful strong human being. Our subconscious mind doesn’t know what a lie is and what is the truth, so even if you are not feeling those words, saying them out loud places them inside our subconscious. It is amazing how our mind and brain work, we then actually start to feel these.


I used to say to myself when I was depressed, I AM HAPPY!!  I would say it through gritted teeth, I could feel my body reject it so many times and it took all my strength to even say it, but without even realising it, during the day I could feel a shift in my moods. I am not saying that this is the only way out of our low moods or thoughts, but it was one of the ways that things started to shift for me. Often it is just the seed we need to then search for more ways that we can help ourselves. It is the start of self-validation. Seeking happiness from within. No one can then take that away from us if we first give it to ourselves.



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