The critical item missing from your ‘Back to School’ Checklist

Whether you’re super organized, or like me, tend to leave everything until the last minute, there is a universal list of tasks, that every parent needs to achieve before their kids start back at school. Whilst individual requirements will vary… Continue Reading >

Unlocking a World of Learning: The LeapPad Academy Educational Tablet

In an era where technology continues to reshape the way we live, learn, and grow, it’s no surprise that our children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy from a young age. As parents, we are responsible for nurturing their educational journey in… Continue Reading >

What would you include on a pre-pregnancy checklist?

Every pre-pregnancy checklist will always include pre-natal vitamins, a GP check up and maybe even a dental check up… But what very few of them include (in fact I would go so far as to say none of them!) is… Continue Reading >

5 Top Money Lessons for Teenagers

  Speak about money Break the generational cycle of money taboo.  Many of us would have grown up in families where money wasn’t spoken about.  Talk about how hard you must work to earn money and how nothing comes for… Continue Reading >

3 Reasons Your Child Lacks Self-Confidence

There are many reasons why people, including your child, lack self-confidence. There are a few things that you can do or tweak, to help them grow their self-confidence. Use encouraging words Help them take their power back Get them to… Continue Reading >

Riding the Emotional Waves of a Chronic Condition

By Simone Albert   Wading through the waves of emotions that can crash over anyone receiving a new diagnosis of a chronic condition is nothing short of confronting and overwhelming. Adding to this the element of a life-threatening diagnosis such… Continue Reading >

6 Life Skills Your Child Will Learn Through Starting Their Own Business

By Julie Medeiros Julie Medeiros is a business professional with degrees in education and marketing, and a founder of Miss M Online Classes – the educational project offering children 8+ business education about discovering and monetising their talents, marketing and entrepreneurship.   Many of you… Continue Reading >

10 Steps To Develop Great Learners | John Hattie | Ep 202

Every parent wants to give their children the life they deserve and a positive future. It’s possible that during our childhood we experienced educational gaps where our parents have missed passing down knowledge and important life lessons. It’s not their… Continue Reading >

Be the best teacher you can be

Written by Dr Tessa Grigg and Bindy Cummings   Teacher training for parents is not something we spend time thinking about when we have a little new baby and sleep deprivation is a feature of our new world. However, as… Continue Reading >

Kid’s Climate Conversations

Sally Gillespie   Research shows that children and young people are anxious about climate issues, and for good reason. They are the generation who will be living with the consequences of a climate altered planet. While it is understandable that… Continue Reading >